Chart Mondays: Zedd & Alessia Cara - Stay

April 24, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Stay - Zedd & Alessia Cara |

We all saw this coming, especially since last week I didn't have a music video to review for Chart Mondays, yet the day after this video got dropped, which was slightly frustrating, why couldn't they have released it last Monday? Regardless, I might've struggled this week, so guess it goes in roundabouts and circles. Ed Sheeran has climbed back to the top of the UK Singles Chart with "Shape Of You" as he's UK Tour kicks off, which opens the Top 10 to my Chart Mondays review. I'm so glad this stayed in the top 10 so I could review it today. It's such a catchy song and it'll be in my head for the rest of the day, no doubt. Watch Zedd & Alessia Cara prove that just one small thing can change everything in this music video for their new song "Stay".

Zedd, real name Anton Zaslavski, has had a phenomenal career to date and has really proven himself as one of the top DJs in the world. This collaboration is just another hit of his. The only thing is that people may get this song confused with another single of his called "Stay The Night" which featured Hayley Williams from Paramore, due to the fact that the titles are very similar. Regardless, the song is another killer and is definitely a song I love hearing in the clubs. The song is a global success, which isn't such a surprise since it has combined Zedd's fans with Alessia Cara's. Real name Alessia Caracciolo, she has been slowly establishing her career, with this song being her highest charting single to date on the UK chart. The song was written by Zedd, Linus Wiklund, Alessia Caracciolo, Anders Frøen, Sarah Aarons, and Jonnali Mikaela Parmenius.

Directed by Tim Mattia, the music video relates to the song easily. It features a lot of back and forth scenes which are similar to that of Instagram's boomerang videos. This effect has been used a number of times in music videos, including Inna's "Gimme Gimme".

We see Zedd and Alessia Cara go about their day; they almost share an elevator but Zedd just misses out. Alessia Cara sits at a café pouring lots of sugar into her hot drink; whilst Zedd plays pool.

We watch a lot of, what I'm calling, boomerang scenes that are all in time with the music, yet as the music video progresses we see Zedd managing to get to the elevator in time. This totally changes the day, which sees Zedd and Alessia Cara spend their days together; and what a lovely couple they make.

It just shows that one small little thing can change your entire day, yet another small thing happens... Zedd doesn't look where he is going and walks into the road, backwards; subsequently getting hit by a car. A distraught Alessia Cara can be seen crying. It just shows that time can be short

It's a great emotional music video, that easily relates to the song. Zedd and Alessia Cara both look stunning in the visual, fully embracing their characters and portrayal of the song. It works well and definitely something I could watch again and again.
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