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This Kiss - Kissy Sell Out |

This is my last ever music review on my Birmingham Pride 2017 Special! Since it's a Thursday, it's so nice to end this on a Thursday Revisit. This one, by Kissy Sell Out, was definitely way before its time, especially since electronic music is very in right now, and this song could do exceptionally well if it were rereleased and slightly revamped. Regardless, this tune was unique for its time, and it's no surprise that it's one of Kissy Sell Out's most viewed videos, what with the music visual having a good relatable storyline. Watch Kissy Sell Out and his electro band play this infectious song titled "This Kiss", whilst a narrative shows two guys fighting over a girl who's kiss they can't stop thinking of.

Kissy Sell Out, real name Thomas Bisdee, has stood the test of time and has really established himself as a DJ. He's definitely not one to be missed at Birmingham Pride 2017. This track was one of his first official releases, and it just shows himself off as a monumental force in electronic music. He used to have a BBC Radio 1 show, and has gone on to DJ all around the world. The song is one we wish we had heard sooner; one we'll probably listen to again and again within the next few months. It's definitely a new favourite.

Directed by Ollie Evans, we see Kissy Sell Out within a band. A pure performance visual is one of the main scenes in this music video, and Kissy Sell Out really stands out, but the vocalist totally grabs the spotlight most of the time. I would've said he was a future star, but it's clear he hasn't branched out as a known star.

The narrative sees the vocalist talking to Kissy Sell Out, chatting about this girl who he has kissed and can't stop thinking about, but she has a boyfriend. We can only presume that Kissy Sell Out is that said boyfriend, and we see each of them spending time with this woman.

During a comedic dining scene, Kissy Sell Out and the vocalist give evils to one another, whilst passing food to one another in line with the drummer. It's clever and hilarious.

The ending sees the vocalist turning away from her kiss and running away. It's a great relatable music video and really works with the song. It's one that's comedic throughout and one we won't be forgetting about anytime soon. It's no wonder it's one of his most watched music videos.
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