Ryan Blyth X After 6 Featuring Luther Soul - Special

May 03, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Special (feat. Luther Soul) - Ryan Blyth & After 6 |

There are only 25 days until Birmingham Pride 2017 starts! Ryan Blyth will be in the dance arena tent during the weekend, and with killer tracks like this one, we know his DJ set is going to be amazing. The dance arena has totally booked some amazing DJs this year, and I definitely am impressed with who they've managed to get, considering the main tent has some prolific stars but none iconic and none I'm a massive fan of. It looks like the dance arena will be the place to be this year, and I literally cannot wait. Watch Chris Adamou surrounded by women, yet there's only one girl for him, in this sexy music video for Ryan Blyth X After 6's song "Special" featuring Luther Soul.

Ryan Blyth is definitely an inspiration to us all, not one to give up, he has followed his dreams of becoming a well-known DJ and he is definitely on his way what with a residency at Sankeys Ibiza in 2014 and 2015, as well as collaborating often with After 6. Some of his songs have been played on Radio 1 which propelled him to be signed by Danny Howard's imprint Nothing Else Matters. Now he's on an imprint under Spinnin' Records - one of the biggest well-respected labels in house and dance music. I expect to see his name cropping up all over the place in the near-future. This track is a collaboration with After 6 who has collaborated with Ryan Blyth on a number of tracks, as well as created some great hits in other collaborations. Then there's the feature from Luther Soul, who provides the stunning summer shining vocals. He was influenced by some great soulful musicians and twists up his vocals with some amazing house music, such as this one. Who said soul wouldn't fit with house music? Luther Soul proves that they belong together. This song is beyond catchy and definitely adds summer vibes to brighten up anyone's day.

Directed by Conor Butler, the music video is an edited masterpiece. It involves actor Chris Adamou surrounded my models, who are Joánn Georgiou, Emilia Somerhalder, Andria T Ioannou, Avva Zενιου, Milena Anastasiadou, Katerina Lovinskaya, and AnaCtacia Makkydou.

We watch Chris Adamou jump off a cliff and into an ocean of water. He comes up for air, but he's actually in a swimming pool of a beautiful villa. He puts on a t-shirt and a cap, then heads to the driveway, where there's a Ferrari waiting for him. There are five women sitting sexily on the car, one of which is inside the car and we can presume is his girlfriend, as he later takes romantic strolls on the beach with her as they meet up with her friends.

This paradise-like music video is definitely any straight guy's dream, right? We also, later, find out that he had imagined it all, as the final scene sees him surface from the water by the cliff.

Overall, it's definitely a summer-induced music video much like the song itself. It's not your typical hot women visual, although it's not that far off which is definitely something we wish there was less of. There's a slight narrative to this, but more exploration of that would've been much better.
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