Antonia - Iubirea Mea

June 20, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Iubirea Mea - Antonia |

After writing up an article about this for CelebMix, I just had to include this sexy video on my blog. Antonia only recently came to my attention, being a part of Global Records and releasing amazing hit after amazing hit. Alongside her, in this music video, is her real-life partner Alex Velea; it's nice to see them team up on a song together, and he manages to surprise us completely by singing a part of the song himself! Watch Romanian power couple, Antonia and Alex Velea, show us their chemistry in this sexy music video for the former's new single "Iubirea Mea".

Antonia, full name Antonia Iacobescu, hit it big when her collaboration with Tom Boxer which gained her a bit of international fame, titled "Morena". She later charted well in her home country of Romania with "Marabou". Since then she has been building up her career and collaborating with some big names. She is also one of four girls a part of Global Records' project G Girls, which has produced hit singles "Call The Police" and "Milk & Honey". An uncredited feature in this song is her real-life partner Alex Velea, who has had a mildly successful career in music. As a couple, they are definitely two Romanian stars people are talking about. This song is another Romanian-language song, a follow-up to her fierce track and video "Dor de Tine". We all are hoping she releases a second studio album soon, as that would definitely be the icing on the cake. "Iubirea Mea" was written by Andrei Banica, Alexandru Cotoi, Sebastian Barac, Marcel Botezan, and Theea-Eliza-Ioana Miculescu.

Directed by Khaled Mokhtar, this music video is a pure performance piece that really calls on Antonia's modelling skills; this explains why she's so camera-friendly because in the past she has worked as a model. She's very comfortable during her scenes allowing that to transcend to Alex Velea, who has this macho exterior; yet, he obviously cares for Antonia.

It's nice to see them collaborate on a song together. They are certainly couple goals, which we've known from their previous Instagram posts, but seeing it all dressed around a sultry music video makes our jealousy 10 times more real.

As a whole, this visual is sexy in every way. I love the netting scene on the beach, with Antonia fully relying on her experience as a model; the shots in this scene is beyond beautiful. The other scenes are intricate, and it's nice to see Antonia and Alex Velea giving an insight into their relationship. Although, it does look like Antonia gets a little tangled up with the net during the bed scene but she deals with it well.
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