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Ruleta (feat. Erick) - Inna |

You all knew this blog post was coming today after I wrote up my article on it for CelebMix, and since Inna is my queen. This is definitely a tune of the summer, and what with "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber, being at the top of the UK charts, why can't another song that contains Spanish lyrics climb its way up - I can only ever hope. Compared to Inna's recent releases, I feel that the song itself falls short, it feels like a mix between "Heaven", "Me Gusta" and "Bad Boys", creating this cool summer sound that doesn't really work for me; regardless, I can see it becoming a grower as I learn the lyrics. Watch Inna and Erik perform on a tennis court whilst dancers back them up and continue the party on in other scenes, including an awesome bonfire in this music video for "Ruleta".

Inna, real name Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, has had international fame, especially when she released her debut single "Hot". Since then she has been building up her career, and even though she doesn't chart well globally, she still nails it in her home country of Romania. She manages to sell out shows all around the world. Now, Inna is preparing to drop her fifth studio album, which will contain most of her recent singles. Her music oozes summer, so be prepared for an album that you'll have on repeat all year round. Featuring on the track is Erik, full name Erik Tchatchoua. He is a Romanian rapper who has previously collaborated with Mandinga on their song "Aventura". This song proves how great he really is, and it excites me to see where the future will take him. The song's music and lyrics were created by Sebastian Barac, Marcel Botezan, David Ciente, Elena-Alexandra Apostoleanu, Frank-Erik Tchatchoua, Marius Dia, and Isaac Breyan.

Directed by Barna Nemethi, this music video hasn't got a lot to it. There are three main scenes, with a subtle short scene within the entire visual. It seems like there wasn't much thought behind it and not much time either. It feels rushed but still looks so much better than many other music videos I've seen.

The main scene is Inna and Erik performing on a tennis court, with a group of dancers behind them. There is a slightly missed opportunity of them all doing choreography; however, Inna rolls with it as she always does and there's definitely some dance moves inside of her as she continues her camera-friendly profile.

As for Erik, he doesn't really shine on the tennis court, that may be due to how gorgeous Inna is. Nevertheless, he gives it his all and you can see the passion behind his words. I'd also want to give kudos to seeing two women kiss, Inna has always been LGBT+ friendly in some of her music videos, and it's good to see it again here. There's also a man and woman kissing to even it all up a bit too.

The other scenes include the dancers showing off their amazing skills in a circle; some of which are incredible and has been edited perfectly to the song. Then there's the bonfire, the place we all wish we could be; it looks fun and it looks warm. Then there are the kids dancing in front of the wall; this clip is short and sweet and if you blink, you might miss it. At first, I did think some of these kids were from Inna's team echipa Inna from Vocea României Junior, who later collaborated as a group known as The Kidz where they released the song "Kids In Town"; unfortunately, I don't think these kid dancers are Inna's kids from the show.

Overall, this music video could've turned out completely low-budget and very simple; breaking it down, it seems this way; however, Inna and Erik plays it cool throughout and totally nail it. The dancers bring it as much as they can. It may seem like there isn't much to this, but that's because there isn't; yet, they've made it work, so kudos to everyone involved.
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  1. who sings between 0:56-1:13 ??

  2. I believe it is Erik who is singing during that part.

    1. But its in different language and an older man voice like carribbean. And in the many of the live performance videos, during that part, Eric is not saying anything:) I am searching but i have no result about this issue. Maybe you can help??

    2. That may be true, in which case it would be one of the producers, just like the producers created Inna's "Heaven" chorus. But, I still presume it's Erik, because it does sound like him so must've been created in the studio and added as part of the backing track in the live sessions