Chart Mondays: Ariana Grande - One Last Time

12 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

One Last Time - Ariana Grande |

I could've sworn I had already reviewed this music video, but it turns out that I haven't; which I guess is lucky since it is in the UK Top 10 Singles Chart, this week - although I did expect it to launch to the top of the chart; but, Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee is still holding onto the number one position with "Despacito" featuring Justin Bieber, which doesn't have a music video just yet. Every time I watch this music video I'm pretty sure I've reviewed it, I have that sort of recollection of writing about it, but I don't see a review on my blog. Oh well, here's one right now! Watch Ariana Grande in an apocalypse-type music video transporting the viewers into the visual for "One Last Time".

Ariana Grande has really come a long way from when she played Cat in Victorious and later in spin-off show Sam & Cat on Nickelodeon. Now she's a pop princess, totally becoming one of the biggest female artists in the world. Most-recently she made headlines when a terrorist attack targeted her concert in Manchester. Deciding not to let fear rule, she decided to host a benefit concert, with this song becoming the charity single for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund. She managed to get many great artists to come together and perform on stage. If you didn't know who she was before this concert, you sure know of her now. The single has been out for some time, but the heartbreaking lyrics and the fact the song was the last song performed at her gig in Manchester before the fatal attack definitely made it the perfect song to become the charity single. It was written by David Guetta, Savan Kotecha, Giorgio Tuinfort, Rami Yacoub, and Carl Falk.

Directed by Max Landis and features Ariana Grande's Victorious co-star Matt Bennett. It has the end of the world feel to it as a comet comes crashing down to Earth, obliterating everything and everyone. To be fair, it's not the best music video considering the attack in Manchester, but this visual was released years before anything like this had happened.

As a whole this is almost a movie in itself; it certainly has a Cloverfield affect to it. It definitely transports the viewers into this film-like scene. We see comets flying through the sky as we watch Ariana Grande running all over the place, taking us to the top of a skyscraper. Along the way, we see some sights such as victims, gun problems, computer scary guy who attacks Ariana Grande and us; as well as firefighters, and a family huddling together.

On the rooftop, the sky is alive with comets falling to Earth. Ariana Grande grabs the cameraman, who happens to be her love interest, actor Matt Bennett, and hugs him as the biggest comet comes down and destroys the world.

Overall it's a great music video and definitely worthy of awards; however, I'm slightly disappointed that whenever we see Ariana Grande's face, she isn't singing the song. That's just a little annoying thing to this music video. It feels more like a scene from a film or a TV show than an actual music video, so it is disappointing. But, it works overall and totally relates to the song. It's definitely an unforgettable music video and completely deserves this rating.
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