Fifth Harmony Featuring Gucci Mane - Down

13 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Down (feat. Gucci Mane) - Fifth Harmony |

Little Mix wasn't the only girl group to drop a new music video, Fifth Harmony has also done so too. Although I much prefer "Power" over "Down" any day of the week, nonetheless this is definitely growing on me. This is their first release as a four-piece group after Camila Cabello left to pursue a solo career. The song is apparently a transitional single as we should expect a new style with their new album, although I really believe this song leaves so much more to be desired. I was hoping big things from these girls, especially after all the versions of their songs without Camila Cabello's voice, but this one single just didn't live up to the expectations I had. Watch Fifth Harmony perform in a motel parking lot alongside Gucci Mane in this music video for "Down", which is the first single to be cut from their upcoming third studio album.

Fifth Harmony are a four-piece girl group consisting of Normani Kordei, Lauren Jauregui, Ally Brooke, and Dinah Jane Hansen. They were formed as a five-piece on The X Factor (US), coming third overall; they have gone on to become the most successful contestant from all three shows of the series. After two albums, Camila Cabello left the group to pursue a solo career, leaving many fans worried the girls would split; instead, it made them stronger and they all manage to take the spotlight in this new song and music video. They have also kept their name, regardless of the fact that there is now four members instead of five. I'm hoping they manage to prove that they still can continue as a four-piece. The featured artist is Gucci Mane, real name Radric Davis. He is an American hip-hop artist, mostly known for the featured collaboration on Rae Stremmurd's song "Black Beatles". He has 10 studio albums behind him and has definitely been a slight force in the American hip-hop music industry; his longevity proves that you can make it if you don't give up. The song is a surprising collaboration, but it works perfectly for the summer; I'm totally ready to get down in an open-air club to this song! "Down" was written by Joshua Coleman, Radric Davis, Dallas Koehlke, and Jude Demorest.

Directed by James Larese, the music video sees the girls arrive at a motel and walk up the stairs to their respective rooms all whilst Gucci Mane introduces the song. This is the entire location of the music video and it seems like it has not been a high budget and it seems really simple; but as usual, the girls a fierce and bring it completely.

There's full-on choreography in the parking lot; nothing new for these four girls. They nail everything in-sync and it's completely polished. However, they don't look like they're having fun, more like they're just doing their job. This is something we keep seeing from these girls and we want something much more expressive from them. It may be the dance sequence that they've been given to perform.

As for Gucci Mane, he doesn't really take the spotlight fully because the girls tease us whilst being in a pool or hot tub. He's slightly memorable as he is on the steps or against the wall, and because he switches the song down; but, it just comes off a bit lacklustre.

Overall, this music video and the song doesn't work. We expected big things from these girls and they didn't live up to them. Instead, we get a transitioning single which is a total grower, but it'll be too late by the time we all love the song; and, a simple, done-before music video that doesn't go anywhere and doesn't relate to the song. I hope they recover with a follow-up single and a music video that blows our minds.
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