Axel Muñiz Featuring Alexandra Stan - Siempre Tú

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Siempre Tú (feat. Alexandra Stan) - Axel Muñiz |

This is one of my favourite music videos out at the moment, and I actually believe Axel Muñiz and Alexandra Stan make a cute couple; although, he's no Staruiala Bogdan, who is Alexandra Stan's boyfriend. I love the virtual reality long distance relationship concept in this music video and it really showcases both artists in a beautiful light. Two versions of this song have been released, this original Spanish-language version and an English-language version; it is unknown whether an English version of this music video will be released, but I'm starting to doubt whether one will. Watch Axel Muñiz and Alexandra Stan in two different cities using virtual reality headsets to connect with one another and spend time together in this amazing music video for "Siempre Tú".

Axel Muñiz is a Mexican singer who has been signed to Warner Music Mexico since 2015 and has been establishing his career ever since. His voice is great throughout this song, and I'm sure he is a future Latin star, that's for sure. He is stepping out of the shadows of his father and grandfather; who are Mexican actor, singer, comedian, and host, Jorge Muñiz; and famous Latin American singer Marco Muñiz, respectively. His voice pairs well with Alexandra Stan's for this song. She is the Romanian singer who hit it big internationally with "Mr Saxobeat". She has gone on to release incredible songs and albums. She is now preparing to release new music of her own, which I cannot wait for. The song was written by Axel Muñiz, whilst it was produced by Nico Stadi and Mike Green.

The music video was directed by Manuel Escalante and features Axel Muñiz in Mexico and Alexandra Stan in Barcelona, Spain. All scenes were filmed in the separate cities; which, on the first watch, you don't even realise.

It all starts off with Axel Muñiz sending Alexandra Stan a text saying that he wants to see her and asking if she wants to connect through the VR headsets. She says yes and they both put on some VR controller gloves before donning the headsets.

Inside the virtual reality world, Axel Muñiz is watching Alexandra Stan in Barcelona, whilst Alexandra Stan is watching Axel Muñiz in Mexico. They do things together, such as sitting at benches - even though Alexandra Stan is sitting at a one-seater bench, and Axel Muñiz is sitting on a long park bench - they totally make it work though. They do all sorts of things together, as well as kissing, which is technically and simply brilliant.

I especially like the restaurant scene as Axel Muñiz tells Alexandra Stan a story, and it is so cute to watch. There are so many amazing scenes, and I like how they hold hands throughout, how they kiss, and how it looks like they're in the same hotel room at the end of the VR scenes. This music video couldn't be any better. Showing that this technology could advance to help long-distance couples. Such a perfect concept that totally works with the song; it deserves nothing less than this rating.
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