Mandinga - Besame

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Besame - Mandinga |

I previously reviewed this for CelebMix when it was released, and I still can't get enough of it. Mandinga first came to my attention when they represented Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 with "Zaleilah". Since then they have gone on to do so much but they have also changed their female singer; which has certainly allowed them to return to their Latin-inspired roots. This song is so catchy that it'll be in your head before you know it. Watch Mandinga perform their new song "Besame" whilst showcasing a young couple being in love in this music video.

Mandinga are a six-piece Romanian band consisting of Barbara Isasi, Chupi, El Niño, Zach, Omar Secada, and Tony. They have had a fair few line-ups but have proven the test of time, and has changed their sound accordingly. It's nice to see that they have returned to the music that started it all off for them, yet made it new and current. Barbara Isasi is a great addition to the line-up and really works well as part of Mandinga. It is a shame to see Elena Ionescu go, but it has allowed Mandinga to become something so much more. This song is one of my favourites at the moment. It was written by Roberto Stoica, Enrique Perozo, Barbara Isasi, and Alexander Himely.

The music video was directed by Alex Ceausu, and features both a performance piece and a narrative piece. Barbara Isasi is sexy throughout and totally works the camera, but then the male vocalist comes in and brings the song and visual even more fire.

This band is incredible, it's clear that Mandinga are a group we all need to see live. They bring so much energy, and this current line-up is a sure winner. Their vocals are on point throughout, and they ooze stage presence. I can imagine the calm and relaxed environment at their gigs thanks to their performance vibes.

As for the narrative, we watch a young woman and a young man make eyes at one another, before running away from their everyday lives and deciding to spend their time together on a beach. They try to break coconuts, they get in a boat on the sand together, they try to find water, amongst other things. It's cute, it's definitely couple goals, and it's just so adorable.

Overall, this music video works in every way. It's well thought out and switches it up just when the audience needs it. I feel the narrative could be a bit more flirtatious and cute, but the performance visuals are perfection! I can't wait to see where Mandinga goes to next because this sure is fire throughout.
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