Bakermat Featuring Kiesza - Don't Want You Back

27 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Don't Want You Back (feat. Kiesza) - Bakermat |

Here is Kiesza, once again, proving she is a vocal powerhouse and determined not to go down as the "Hideaway" girl; I just know there is another hit on the horizon, for sure! This song deserved to be one, but we'll keep it amongst our treasures; one we'll sing along to every time we hear it; one we'll request to play at every party; and, one that we will never forget; just like all the other treasures we have. Bakermat has really proven his ability to create a hit, and although it may not have chart success, it's one I absolutely love. Watch Kiesza inspire everyone to dance in this ode of a music video to the past, whilst still keeping it modern and with a comedic effect, for Bakermat's "Don't Want You Back".

Bakermat, real name Lodewijk Fluttert, is a Dutch DJ and music producer, who has had a few successful songs, but most of which have been solid hits that haven't got the recognition they deserved. Only two of his songs have hit the UK Chart, these are "One Day (Vandaag)" and "Teach Me". It's a shame this one hasn't made it, especially since the collaboration is with Kiesza, real name Kiesa Ellestad, who may be a Canadian singer, but she's had massive success in the UK. Her hit, "Hideaway" peaked at number one, and she followed that with "Giant In My Heart" which got to number four; and, even her third single, "No Enemiez", peaked at number 30, inside the top 40! Yet, she hasn't been able to chart since, but promotion of this artist isn't as high as it was when "Hideaway" dropped; but, with a voice like Kiesza's, you'll always be a fundamental part of the music industry. This song was written by Lodewijk Fluttert, Clifford Goilo, Janée Bennett, Komi Al-Hakam, and Tamera Foster.

Directed by Adam Madrzyk, this music video is tongue-in-cheek as Kiesza encourages everyone to stop what they're doing and to dance their way through this song. Her vocals are on point throughout as she brings some fun to this brightly-themed music video.

The whole concept reminds me of Jigglypuff from Pokémon because everyone is asleep by the time she stops singing, probably from the exhaustion of dancing to the song. The opening scene sees a child go downstairs to watch TV and eat breakfast; it's clear that this is a children's TV programme that Kiesza is performing on.

She inspires fitness, wrapping it all around dance choreography, which she totally nails next to her backing dancers. The song is catchy, and Bakermat is looking super handsome in the visual. I also love how the people behind-the-scenes all start to dance too, and we also have an annoyed director who then ends up dancing too.

It totally works, but does it really relate to the song? It feels that the music video is a comical visual that doesn't really reflect the song. However, it's one I could watch over and over again; one that you'll see something new every time you watch.
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