New Release: George Ezra - Don't Matter Now

June 16, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Don't Matter Now - George Ezra |

Making his debut on my blog is George Ezra with this feel-good summer song which will no doubt gain momentum as the sunshine starts to bake us all. He dips in and out of the public eye but was launched with his highly successful song "Budapest". It's undeniable that he has a brilliant voice that has definitely earned him a place amongst the music industry, it's just a shame that his music isn't to my taste; it's not something I personally would listen to, and this song in itself feels like he doesn't care about it. He sings it as if he's too relaxed and as if it doesn't matter at all when he sings. The backing track is much more appealing than the lyrics, and I bet the instrumental version is much more interesting than the song itself. Watch everyone have a great summer time in George Ezra's new music video for his recently released single "Don't Matter Now".

George Ezra, full name George Ezra Barnett, hit it big with his debut single "Budapest" which skyrocketed up the charts around the world. That catchy little single perfectly showed off how iconic his voice is; he then followed it up with an album which also sold well around the world and a few other singles. Now he's back with a brand new song that I was hoping would be addictive, and although the backing track certainly contains an upbeat summer-infusion, the lyrics fail to match well and his vocals doesn't really fit with the song. It just feels like he's singing a different song in a relaxed style, and I feel that it doesn't work all that well. The song was written by George Ezra Barnett and Joel Laslett Pott.

Directed by Marc Oller, the music video contains many actors, actresses and dancers; these people have been credited as the following: Adriá Brita, Daniel Chamizo, Anna Viñas, Harman, Pedro Muñoz, Targil, Jeldris, Lihon Sun, Julia Sanz, Shelia Gadea, Júlia Hernández, Julia Espinosa, Will McGrath, Xavier Salvat, Danielle, Gina Berenguer, and Aina Carafi.

The main scene throughout is George Ezra and his dog going on a road trip. The dog is totally loving life in the passenger seat; to be fair, so would I if I were in a car with George Ezra. The dog even has hair bobbles in his hair, can it look any more adorable?

As the instrumental chorus kicks in we follow other people, who are on a beach, in the video. There are three people performing choreography by Anna Macau; there are frisbee playing and badge loving "Don't Matter Now" people too.

Other scenes see people just having fun in the glorious sunshine. It's all very tongue-in-cheek with the pie-face, the dancing, the 'ouch' plaster, the heads in the sand, the kissing of a gnome. The ending sees George Ezra click the "Don't Matter" button in the car and speeds down the road, disappearing in a set of fire tyre tracks just like in the film "Back To The Future".

Overall, this music video works and relates to the song. It's nothing special but it completely turns the song into the visual and totally works. I may not like the song, and I may not like the music video, but I admit that they go well together and certainly bring summer vibes that we very much need in the UK at the moment.
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