Elena featuring Glance - Mamma Mia (He's Italiano)

June 17, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Mamma mia (He's Italiano) [feat. Glance] - Elena |

This song has been on my iTunes for years as part of a few compilation albums and the more I hear it, the more I am obsessed with it; it's such a good song. For the first time, I watched the music video, and it's completely epic, it's full-on amazingness in every way. How did this never become a global hit? This will be another lost treasure that we'll forever love. I always confuse this Elena, whose last name is Gheorghe, with Elena Paparizou, as I feel both singers have a very similar musical style, and they have both competed in Eurovision, only the latter won it in 2005; and they're both called Elena. Watch Elena get married in this tongue-in-cheek music video for "Mamma Mia (He's Italiano)" where she flirts with an Italiano guy during her wedding ceremony.

Elena, full name Elena Gheorghe, is mostly known for representing Romania in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "The Balkan Girls"; she came 19th overall with 40 points. Prior to competing, she was a part of Latin group Mandinga, who have gone on to have global success since she pursued a solo career. They too took part in Eurovision, only they represented Romania in 2012, coming 12th with 71 points with their song "Zaleilah". Elena has gone on to have mild success after Eurovision, but it didn't continue as she released more amazing singles. As I previously stated, this song deserved to be a global sensation, as it is an addictive song. It also features Glance, full name Glance Al-Massany, who is a Romanian rapper. He has worked with many artists and has certainly made a name for himself.

The music video was directed by Dan Petcan. It's totally relatable to the song, completely wrapped around this wedding theme, which I have a full theory on, but more about that later. It stars Elena as the bride, an Italiano person she's singing about as one of the groomsmen, and Glance as another one of the groomsmen too.

The narrative starts with the bride and the groom getting ready in their respective rooms with their friends. Elena looks out her door to see the Italiano guy outside - the person she's singing to her mamma about. She takes a moment before heading out the door and engaging in a flirty commotion, where he chases her while she acts coy since she is the bride after all. She goes up to her groom and straightens his jacket, before heading outside with him to get married.

The narrative continues as we see the dinner and the party fully get on the way. The Italiano guy continues to come after her, but due to this song, her mother is always watching or stepping in.

During Glance's bit of the song, we see the groom and the groomsmen having a party in the room they were previously getting ready in. One of the bridemaids are dancing sexily over Glance, before turning her attention to the groom - who's hands previously wandered when he hugged her - loving the attention. Elena sees all this and puts a stop to it.

The party continues until near the end where Elena sees her groom and the bridemaid behind a tree, They are just ending their embrace and her dress is unzipped at the back; he withdraws his hand from under the back of her dress. At the very end, Elena is sitting on some steps changing her shoes, where the Italiano guy wraps his jacket around her before leaving with his mates.

Throughout the music video, we see a performance piece from Elena, fully proving that she has star power in every way. She unleashes comical energetic vibes that will be perfect on a stage. As for Glance, his small solo segment has more of a spotlight on the bridesmaid than anything else, he's totally outshined, and kind of gets lost.

Now here's my theory... If you look out for the dining scene, you'll see the Italiano guy standing on the table, at one point the bridesmaid gets onto the table with him and they grind together. This gets a slight jealousy look from both the groom and the bride... For all we know, the Italiano guy and the bridesmaid knew each other from years ago and have constructed this plan so that he can get with Elena and she can get with the groom. If it was all a plan, it sure was constructed perfectly.

Overall, the narrative of this music video is beyond perfection; Dan Petcan has done a terrific job of directing this music video, enough to the point where I can't believe he's not completely in demand by international stars; regardless he has done some other incredible music videos, including Ilinca's "Yodel It!", Voltaj's "De la capăt (All Over Again)", and Andreea Bănică's "In lipsa ta". As for this music video, Elena's acting skills are brilliant and her performance vibes are off the radar. This music video will be remembered forever!
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