New Release: Peking Duk & Alunageorge - Fake Magic

June 02, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Fake Magic - Peking Duk & AlunaGeorge |

My favourite artists, who have released new music today, have not released music videos yet, so that left me struggling with what music video to review for my New Release. Then, I found this one, and it's wacky, it's weird, and it's so bizarre, that I just had to review it today. I'm not entirely sure what I've just watched, although it was incredibly comical and engaging. The song is definitely one that will easily get stuck in my head, and even though I doubt that radio will pick this up, I really hope that it does, because it's a killer track and both these artists are so underrated. Watch Peking Duk eat soup whilst watching Aluna Francis from AlunaGeorge sing "Fake Magic" on a small TV, whilst they're oblivious to the two bikers dancing behind.

Peking Duk are an electronic music duo, consisting of Reuben Styles and Adam Hyde, hailing from Australia. They have been making their name known in recent years and are definitely one of the most underrated DJ duos on the scene. Their most known hit is "High" which featured Nicole Millar and charted at number five on the Australian ARIA Singles Chart. They followed that up with a number of chart-worthy hits; although, they garnered international success by appearing on various compilation albums with their 2012 song "The Way You Are". This should become an iconic collaboration because AlunaGeorge is one of the most underrated mainstream pop duos around. Consisting of Aluna Francis and George Reid. They had a successful start to their career when they hit the mainstream with songs such as "Attracting Flies" and "White Noise"; but as they focused more on their music, they have not been hitting those chart numbers, even though they have been releasing some killer tracks recently, including this one. The song was written by Adam Hyde, Reuben Styles, George Reid, Aluna Francis, Sam Littlemore, and LJL.

The music video is totally unique and different, which is what we have come to expect when it's a Peking Duk music video, or an AlunaGeorge music video; so these two collaborating just makes for a weird but wacky visual, that totally works.

The opening scene sees Peking Duk eating soup whilst being enthralled watching Aluna Francis on the small TV in a bar. She's singing the song inside a bathroom. A biker walks into the bar, but Peking Duk don't even notice, and sits down on a stall. The biker becomes aware of another biker further down the bar, who mirrors his actions.

The biker experiments by standing up, by messing with his jacket; and the other biker does the exact same. Peking Duk is oblivious to the whole thing going on. The bikers start up a dance and take off their helmets, they are the same guy, or doppelgangers, or twins.

The visual continues with Aluna Francis coming out of the bathroom. This is where we discover that the TV is actually a live stream, and if Peking Duk looked behind them they'd see Aluna Francis in the flesh. The ending sees her walk out the bar's door, whilst the bikers back into one another and turn into a sprinkle of pink confetti, all of which is displayed on the small TV that Peking Duk is watching.

Overall, this music video is a complete metaphor, showing how enthralled people can be in TV, in their mobile phones, or other technological devices; that they are unaware of what is going on around them. If only they weren't so busy watching the live stream TV, they would've seen the Aluna Francis right behind them. A brilliant concept, that totally works with the song, although completely wacky and different.
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