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July 02, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Most Girls - Hailee Steinfeld |

After reviewing this song for Outlet Magazine, I had to go into depth about the music video on my blog. It has definitely become my favourite Hailee Steinfeld song to date, although I reckon that she'll manage to release more hits that I'm going to fall in love with. The song is an inspiring, uplifting song; it's a great spin on the concept, as many are preaching about how being different is good and not conforming to society; yet, Hailee Steinfeld wants to be confident, wants to be strong and beautiful, wants to go far and be unstoppable - just like most girls are. It's a brilliant twist, flooding minds around the world with positive energy, and it's wonderful to see. Watch Hailee Steinfeld act as different girls all aspiring to be like "Most Girls", becoming an inspiration to her fans and young people as a whole, in this music video.

Hailee Steinfeld first came to my attention in Pitch Perfect 2, and she has used this to launch herself in the acting and music world, completely dominating slowly but memorably. I'll definitely never forget her main role in the Edge of Seventeen, which she nailed completely. She has worked with some great names including Sigala and DNCE. This song is intended to be the lead single to her debut studio album. It has charted moderately well around the world, which just isn't good enough for me as she deserves so much more success with this inspiring song. It was written by Hailee Steinfeld, Ryan Tedder, Zach Skelton, Jeremy Dussolliet, Tim Sommers, and Asia Whiteacre.

Directed by Hannah Lux Davis - seriously the most in-demand music video director around at the moment - the music video sees Hailee Steinfeld in various acting scenes styling out the girls she is singing about; whilst also showcasing how they are feeling at that moment and are aspiring to be like most girls, not just some girls.

Hailee Steinfeld channels various looks in this music video, each one showing off a totally different personality trait. We have the sporty girl (who is a boxer); we have posh girl (who is glam and rides in the back of a limousine); we have book-lover girl (who spends all day reading books); we have purple-haired artist (who has a team behind her); and performance shots of Hailee Steinfeld herself, as well as with her girls - all of whom are wearing tops with words of strength on them. Almost hitting the Spice Girls personality traits - almost. She's ironically showing off most girls, but not all girls look like that. These are the people who have beauty on the inside, but she also looks incredible on the outside.

She's received a lot of flack for this little tidbit, but I feel that this is how she is expressing them on the inside. That these sort of people are actually her in different forms, that she's all of these girls inside of her, and this is why the music video works because she's just completely genuine whilst still doing everything that she likes to do. She can become anyone of these people because she is like most girls.

The opening and the ending is quite questioning. I love the start as we see Hailee Steinfeld and unknown mystery guy talk, where he tells her that she's not like most girls; well that was totally the wrong thing to say because she actually wants to be like most girls. Yet, the ending just baffles me because he is seen standing in front of nine TVs watching Hailee Steinfeld's music video, where she actually tells him that she wants to be like most girls. The ending scene just doesn't add properly into the visual.

Overall, I am still obsessed with this song, and it's such a shame it hasn't performed better on charts around the world. It's accompanying music video isn't, at all, anything like we expected. This should've been so much better, and even though delving deeper allows us to understand where she's coming from, it just doesn't come across well enough.
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