Cheat Codes Featuring Demi Lovato - No Promises

July 01, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

No Promises (feat. Demi Lovato) - Cheat Codes |

How have I not reviewed this yet? There just seems to be more and more music videos coming out and I can barely keep up. This is a brilliant collaboration, the song itself is full of club-vibes which totally make it my sort of track; however, the opening is a little too downbeat for my liking; it just doesn't excite me until the chorus kicks in. Even though it's rare for artists to join forces a second time, we're all hoping that they do. Watch Cheat Codes and Demi Lovato perform "No Promises" in what looks like a post-apocalyptic world, as the boys' logos and geometrical shapes emanate from within the visual of this music video.

Cheat Codes are an electronic dance trio from America, consisting of Trevor Dahl, KEVI (Kevin Ford), and Matthew Russell. They became famous after a collaboration with Kris Kross Amsterdam on the song "Sex", which certainly launched them globally. They've had a few great follow-up hits, this song being one of them - yet, they haven't managed to create the same success as before; although I bet it's not too far away. This collaboration sees them teaming up with Demi Lovato, who is certainly one of my favourite female singers around. She definitely helped the success of this single. She is currently working on new music, although it might be a wait until she releases her solo material since she has quite a few planned features being released with many top DJs. It's great to see her defining her sound and discovering new types of EDM music. This song has done moderately okay on the charts around the world, but it definitely deserves to climb up further; however, I truly believe the start of the song could be to blame for the okayish chart numbers. "No Promises" was written by Trevor Dahl, Matthew Russell, Kevin Ford, Demi Lovato, Ari Leff, and Loote.

The music video was directed by Hannah Lux Davis, the in-demand director. This has surprised me that she directed this video because I'm so used to something better; although, I reckon the visual idea behind this was awesome, and it was stripped back.

It's a full-out performance piece, and I was totally expecting chemistry between Demi Lovato and Trevor Dahl; but, instead of using Demi Lovato's acting skills brilliantly, they decide to focus on the camera, and making the audience see them. This just doesn't come off engagingly, and although these profile shots are intricate and gorgeous, it just doesn't work that much without the chemistry between the singers.

Demi Lovato steals the show completely. Her sexy scenes in the warehouse-like building are complete fire. She's channelling Clarke Griffin in every way (from The 100 TV show); it totally works with her surroundings.

Overall, this should've been polished perfection, much like many other Hannah Lux Davis-directed music videos; but, whether Cheat Codes and Demi Lovato don't get on, or they were just rushed with the whole visual, who knows. But, this clearly doesn't work as well as we all wish that it did. I also fail to see how it relates to the song exactly; however, Demi Lovato's fierce camera acting saves this from being a total disaster.
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