Raluka - Tattoo / Du-ma Spre Noi

23 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Tattoo (English Version of "Du-Ma Spre Noi") - Raluka |

After writing this up for CelebMix, and potentially gaining an interview with this amazing Romanian female singer, I just had to write this up for my blog too. Raluka has sure come a long way since she first hit the music industry, and we are all loving her red hair - which she debuted in the "Du-ma Spre Noi" music video - the Romanian version to this one. "Tattoo" is just the English version of the song and visual. Watch this backwards motion clip of Raluka running away from her vocally abusive guy in this music video for the English version of "Du-ma Spre Noi" titled "Tattoo".

Raluka, real name Alexandra Raluca Nistor, first came to my attention when I was flipping through Inna and Alexandra Stan's music videos on YouTube; Raluka came up amongst my suggestions with her collaboration with DJ Sava on the song "I Like (The Trumpet)"; since then I have been a fan and have followed her career. Before then, she was one-third of girl group Pepper Girls. In recent years, she has been bringing it with amazing songs that I definitely can't get enough of, and "Tattoo" has just been added to that list alongside her previous singles. The song's lyrics were written by Sophia Ayana.

Directed by Alex Ceausu, this music video starts with the end and shows Raluka spending time with her friend - who we find out is named Angie. We watch the backwards-motion narrative interspersed with a relaxed performance piece.

The whole visual is very sensual between Raluka & Angie and could explain the ending - which is really the start. Although we all much prefer the sexy Romanian version of the song since it has that tantalising feel to it.

The performance piece is relaxed, with Raluka really getting into the song and trying to make the English lyrics have the same effect as the Romanian lyrics; which is not easy to pull off. Raluka does a great job and it totally makes us want to see her live.

Overall, it's a great music video, and reminds me of Inna's "Crazy Sexy Wild / Tu Si Eu" only because that too has a Romanian / English music video versions that are the exact same with subtle differences; just like this one. It fits the song beautifully and it's a song we can never quite get out of our heads for the rest of the day, whether that being the English or Romanian version.
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