Manel Navarro - Keep On Falling

22 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Keep on Falling - Manel Navarro |

I watched this music video upon its release a couple of days ago and it made me cry, it is incredibly emotionally powerful; definitely the best Manel Navarro music video to date! This Eurovision 2017 star may have come last, but he's proving that he won't let that defeat him; besides this song is way better than "Do It For Your Lover", and this amazing music video just proves he has talent. Watch Manel Navarro cheer everyone up with his inspiring song "Keep On Falling" in this music video from the Spain Eurovision 2017 representative.

Manel Navarro is best known for coming last at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 where he represented Spain with his song "Do It For Your Lover". He was known by many when he previously released "Candle" - which I reviewed for Outlet Magazine and its music video - and I even interviewed him for CelebMix in the run-up to Eurovision. He admitted that he had more songs to come, and this latest contribution shows how amazing he truly is. This song is heartwarming and completely special. Manel Navarro's vocals are on point throughout and he manages to convey all the emotion he feels for this song. According to Vevo, the song was written by Antonio Rayo "Rayito".

Also, according to Vevo, the music video was directed by Fran Gas. It contains a performance piece and a narrative piece which all adds up to this perfect music video that made me cry on my first watch - it still touches my heart every time I watch it.

In the narrative, we watch three people - a girl and two guys - who are dealing with nasty words that have been said to them and lingered with them. For those of you who know me, this is currently me at the moment; I have an awful person in my life who is saying nasty things to me hurting me with every single word, and although I ignore those words, they still hurt regardless. I am one of those people in this music video - and so are a lot of others in this world.

We continue to watch as a box appears with a hand crank music box inside; on the lid, it says "Listen and pass it on!" The girl starts and cranks the music box and the words on her face magically disappear. She passes it on to the young boy and the same happens to him; this boy then passes it on to the older teenage boy, who also listens to the music box and everything is all right again.

We later find out that Manel Navarro created the music box himself to spread love, hope, and happiness. His narrative piece sees him sitting on a chair in a bedroom expressing emotionally what this song means to him. It's simply wow! The music video is completely incredible in every way!
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