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July 30, 2017 Critic Jonni 4 Comments

Low (feat. RuPaul) - Todrick Hall |

Let's be honest, since we're all caught up with RuPaul's Drag Race, we all have withdrawal symptoms, enough where we end up just playing music videos that he stars in. This is what happened to me today and I stumbled across this Oz video by Todrick Hall, and it is EPIC! I'm not going to lie, I strayed away from Todrick Hall music videos before RuPaul's Drag Race because I didn't think it was my thing - I couldn't have been more wrong. Watch this Oz inspired music video that shows Dorothy, The Tinman, The Scarecrow, and The Lion, as Todrick Hall and RuPaul perform their collaborative song "Low".

Todrick Hall made his name known on the ninth series of American Idol, where he got as far as the top 16 before being eliminated alongside four other contestants. He later found success on YouTube where he gained a lot of fans. It wasn't long until he guest-judged on RuPaul's Drag Race, where he later became a regular judge. It's clear that Todrick Hall and RuPaul get along brilliantly and there's bound to be more collaborations as this is pure gold. RuPaul, full name RuPaul Charles, is one of the biggest drag queens in the world, and first launched his music career with "Supermodel (You Better Work)" which had international success upon its release in the early 90's; now, thanks to Drag Race, he's really come into his own. This song is part of his most recent album titled "Straight Outta Oz" which collaboratively is a full musical - with this video being just a segment of the whole story - taking inspiration from the Wizard of Oz, as well as his rise to fame in Los Angeles (also known as Oz).

This music video was directed by Todrick Hall and Moorhead&Benson. As I previously stated, this entire clip is from the musical which forms the complete album. This also stars Brittanie Brant as Dorothy, Chester Lockhart as The Scarecrow, Jamie Bennett as The Tinman, and Jojo Guadagno as The Lion.

The narrative itself is very short. It practically introduces the characters to us - which is very much needed since they are quite different to that of who we remember from the original Wizard of Oz. This introduction relates to the song's lyrics so well and works perfectly regardless of how short it is.

The biggest scene in this is the performance piece where we see Todrick Hall and RuPaul perform together. RuPaul isn't in drag whereas Todrick Hall is. The former's biggest scene is where he's in a carriage being pulled by men; let's be honest, we all see RuPaul this way on Drag Race - he's a force to be reckoned with, so watch out!

As for Todrick Hall, he's both the good witch and the bad witch, both Glinda and Elphaba. Clearly reinterpreting this iconic film into there only being one witch; one woman who battles with her inner demons and is just as normal as we all are. We all have the ability to be evil just like we have the ability to be totally good. In stories, people tend to pick a side, but in a normal world we're both, and it's our choices are what makes us who we are and how others portray us.

Overall, this music video is beyond fierce. It makes me want to watch everything together and to see this whole musical. I may have once thought that Todrick Hall wasn't for me, and I do believe he is before his time; but, he's a trendsetter, and has totally won me over. I can't wait to see what he does in the future and I know I'll end up sitting back and watching the complete musical one day.
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  1. Whats the actors name who plays the lion?

  2. Who was the lil person in the video that did the splits in the dark?

  3. Ohh, is so awesome. My favorite part is the Lion.