New Release: Alice Glass - Without Love

August 11, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Without Love - Alice Glass |

Breaking away from Crystal Castles is Alice Glass, and her new single is currently the only new release I could find that had a music video; surely there are a lot more, there has to be. Oh well, this is the one I am reviewing today, and it's beyond quirky; that's pretty obvious from the thumbnail, alone. The music video dives deeper in a weird visual that keeps the audience glued to the screen whilst the droning track progresses into something we turn out loving, for some bizarre reason. Watch Alice Glass wrapped up in flowering vines as she sprinkles sweetness with a deadly threat in this music video for the similarly haunting song "Without Love".

Alice Glass is known as the former frontwoman of Crystal Castles. As part of the duo, she had great success when it came to their albums and have charted multiple times. Their biggest hit to date is "Not In Love" which features Robert Smith, the song is a cover of Platinum Blonde's "Not In Love". Since Alice Glass has left, Crystal Castles continues after bringing in a new female vocalist. As for Alice Glass, she is now starting to build a solo career, and with a brilliant debut track such as this one, we know that we'll be hearing a lot more from her. She previously released a charity single in 2015 titled "Stillbirth". Haunting and sweet at the same time, "Without Love" is an unexpected track that wraps itself around your head so that you never forget it.

The music video was directed by Floria Sigismondi; it premiered on The FADER who also co-produced it alongside MAAVVEN. It's a pure performance piece with profile scenes throughout, easily showing off Alice Glass' personality; you definitely wouldn't be disappointed at one of her concerts.

The scenes start from the weird and turn strange and then goes freaky. Alice Glass turns it out in every way for this video as we watch vines and flowers start to grow and trap her. The ending sees her in an empty swimming pool, almost being reincarnated as a flower-person.

Overall, it's a great concept and the song literally grows on you like the flowers do on Alice Glass. Turning something sweet and innocent into something deadly and so defining is incredible. I love how it's relatable to the song in every way and gets her message across even more so. Just wow!
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