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August 10, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Cough Cough - Everything Everything |

Such a crazy messed-up music video for my Thursday Revisit this week; yet, it's relatable to an extent. This song is Everything Everything's biggest UK Chart hit, and I swear I've heard it before - it must've been played on the radio often back then, surely. The song itself has an indie feel to it and feels like it has been released way too late, so it's lucky it was a chart hit, to an extent. This sort of music just isn't all that popular nowadays, but it's good to see that Everything Everything are changing in line with the times whilst keeping their signature sound. Watch Everything Everything perform their hit song in this black and white visual which has some disturbing themes and scenes as part of this music video for "Cough Cough".

Everything Everything are a four-piece band consisting of Jonathan Higgs, Jeremy Pritchard, Michael Spearman, and Alex Robertshaw. They are from the UK and have been going for many years, hence why I chose them for my Thursday Revisit as I haven't dipped into their music much. They are one of those bands that people know but have no idea why. Their longevity has obviously played a big part in that. This song peaked on the UK Singles Chart at number 37. It was written by Jonathan Higgs, Jeremy Pritchard, Michael Spearman, and Alex Robertshaw.

Directed by Jon Everything (AKA Jonathan Higgs), this music video is intricate in its concept. It's a pure performance piece but there's this whole idea behind it that is intense, along with some defining profile scenes. It sure is unforgettable.

There's lyrics shown throughout this music video so the audience can sing along at some points - no, these words have an impact on the audience and attempt to allow us to really get Everything Everything's song. The drums throughout is amazing to watch, all the band members are in-sync and it has this old-style feel to it; they are inspired by the Japanese Kodo Drummers.

Other scenes include a fuel pump, a gun, and oil. The song is about not having enough money to do what you want to the extent where you're doing a job you don't want to do just to make a living. It is a vicious cycle and poor jobless me can totally identify with this; according to the behind-the-scenes video, they chose oil as a replacement for money, which brings along this dark and depressing theme as a whole.

Overall, it's a great concept that not everyone will get let alone understand. Totally relatable, and the drumming scene is iconic. Congrats to these guys for pulling off this music video in every way. If there was a slight bit more of a connection I wouldn't be dropping a star, but apart from that, this is well-thought-out.
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