DJ Antoine vs Timati Featuring Kalenna - Welcome To St. Tropez

24 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Welcome to St. Tropez (DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark Remix) (feat. Kalenna) - Timati |

This was the first of many international hits from DJ Antoine so, of course, I was going to review this music video for my Thursday Revisit. There's not a lot to it, and it's a typical video to a club song, that we've seen time and again. As for the song, it's undeniably catchy and totally works in every way. I love this team-up and can truly feel what DJ Antoine has done to the song. Watch DJ Antoine and Timati live their lives to the full in this music video for this club-induced track "Welcome To St. Tropez" featuring Kalenna.

DJ Antoine, full name Antoine Konrad, is one of the top Switzerland DJs in the world. He gained international success upon the release of this song. Since then he has built his name and brand. He has plenty of number ones in his home country, and he's ready to blow up around the world. He's definitely a DJ who will have a global hit in the coming years, so be prepared to say 'I heard him first'. This track was originally a Timati track before DJ Antoine came in and switched it up. Timati, real name Timur Yunusov, is a Russian hip-hop artist who has worked with top names in the music industry. This song is his biggest hit to date. He has collaborated a few times with DJ Antoine over the years, and it's clearly a continued, blossoming friendship between them. Featured on this track is Kalenna, who doesn't appear in the music video; she also wasn't a part of the original song; instead, it featured Russian singer Blue Marine. Kalenna, full name Kalenna Harper, is probably best known for performing in the duo Dirty Money; who collaborated with Sean Coombs (known as P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Diddy, and Puffy) a few times, creating Diddy - Dirty Money. Collectively they had a range of global hits. It's not a surprise this collaboration did well.

The video is a typical club performance piece that showcases events that DJ Antoine and Timati perform at. The video is set in Saint-Tropez, France.

The opening scenes show a yacht on the water, and the guys driving around in a Ferrari and an Audi. Throughout we see expensive cars including Porsches, a Chevrolet, a Bugatti, an Aston Martin, and much more. Then we see snippets of these two scenes throughout the visuals, cut between a pool party, event and club performances, and celebrity parties.

The scenes continue for the rest of the music video, and it is an overdone visual; however, it continues to relate to the song since clubs is exactly where this song would've been played. Not only that but they are showing that they do have too much money, just like the song suggests; enticing us all to Saint-Tropez. If only we had the money ourselves!
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