DJ Antoine & Dizkodude Featuring Sibbyl - I Love Your Smile

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I Love Your Smile (feat. Sibbyl) - DJ Antoine & Dizkodude |

I had totally forgotten all about this banger of a song until I wrote about it for CelebMix, and the original is such a tune; but, DJ Antoine & Dizkodude have given it a very current tropical house mix that just makes this track even better. The music video is engaging from the get go, and I love the various rooms that the two characters walk through. The song itself deserves to be a hit. Many old songs are being refreshed, and this is just another one that is absolutely incredible. It needs to rise up on the charts. Watch DJ Antoine chase his real-life partner Laura Zurbriggen as she teases him into various rooms before he finally catches up with her in this music video for his collaboration with Dizkodude, titled "I Love Your Smile" featuring Sibbyl.

DJ Antoine, full name Antoine Konrad, is a Swiss DJ and is probably best known for various hit songs, but mainly "Welcome To St. Tropez" which verses Timati and featured Kalenna, as well as "Ma Chérie" which featured The Beat Shakers, and "Bella Vita". He's one of the biggest DJs from Switzerland and has had many number one albums and singles in his home country. He's also grazed charts around the world with his most popular songs. He continues to prove that he's a DJ to watch. For this song, he teamed up with Dizkodude, real name Bart Vanhoyland, who is a DJ from Belgium. He has been going for many years and has continued to build up his career. This song has already become his most streamed song on Spotify, I can't wait to see what the future brings for him. Featured on this track is Sibbyl, real name Loren Geerts, who is completely new to the music scene. This is her first release and she has contributed by singing the lyrics of the song. It is quite the honour to be singing a refresh cover of Shanice's "I Love Your Smile", which was originally an international success, managing to chart within the top ten in various countries in 1991 and 1992. It's about time a DJ came along and mixed this into an unstoppable club track, and now we have one. I just wish this launched up charts around the world and would get more recognition. It was written by Jarvis La Rue Baker, Sylvester Jackson, Narada Walden, and Shanice Wilson.

The music video was directed by Haris Dubica. It stars DJ Antoine as he follows a woman around a hotel through a long line of rooms that show different scenarios. His on-screen love interest is played by actress and model Laura Zurbriggen, who is actually his real-life partner.

The opening scene sees Laura Zurbriggen smelling a rose, she then drops it on the table in front of DJ Antoine - teasing him. She climbs the stairs and he follows her up into a room. This is where the first of many scenes appear.

We watch them go through various rooms. In the first one, we see a drag queen working the camera as rose petals fall - a great link back to the rose Laura dropped in front of Antoine. Then as the drop kicks in the song, we see a raver room where we expect DJ Antoine and Dizkodude feel right at home in - I also want his denim jacket in this scene!

Next up is a masquerade ball scene, which brings a Marie Antoinette feel to it, as DJ Antoine gets down on one knee and kisses Laura Zurbriggen's hand. Then we go into a futuristic space cake decoration room - after they have left the room, we see two children reenacting the scene. Then comes the popcorn room.

The very next scene is beyond iconic. We watch DJ Antoine as a drawing, he walks into a room where Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, and Bob Marley, are sitting around a table creating a song - imagine the outcome of that songwriting session. Then he walks into a room where a groom and a bride are together lovingly, but she makes a grab for DJ Antoine whilst Laura Zurbriggen fights for her man. Then comes the bowling scene, where he becomes distracted; and then there's the powerful money gang who has someone tied up. DJ Antoine then loses Laura Zurbriggen and mistakenly walks into the women's bathroom.

He back tracks through all the rooms, stumbling across his mini-me in the cake room, and coming across an enticing room where three reincarnations of himself are playing cards - now that's my idea of heaven but we'd be doing something totally different than playing cards. In the final scene, DJ Antoine finds Laura Zurbriggen in the seat he once occupied, in the hotel lobby, holding the rose, smiling.

This music video has it all! It works completely with a brilliant narrative that entices the audience from start to finish. The song is beyond catchy and they've managed to capture the whole meaning of the song in the various rooms and the narrative. I can't stop watching this, and a lot of effort has certainly gone into this visual, especially since their outfits and their style completely change in each room. This will forever remain a treasure of mine and will be getting this extremely rare rating because it more than deserves it. I just wish the song would appear on charts around the world so that music channels everywhere would be able to show this visual often.
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