New Release: Everything Everything - Desire

August 04, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Desire - Everything Everything |

Making their debut on my blog with their new release is Everything Everything. If I'm honest, I've been aware of this band for many years, but they aren't to my taste and I haven't really dabbled in their music. So here I am, dabbling in their new release, and it's a lot better than what I was expecting. Watch Everything Everything perform their new song "Desire" in this colourful music video displaying their passion for music in every way.

Everything Everything are a four-piece band consisting of Jonathan Higgs, Jeremy Pritchard, Michael Spearman, and Alex Robertshaw. They are from the UK, and have been attempting to become popular for many years; this band proves that if you continue on with your passion, you'll finally make it. Their albums consistently chart highly, and I reckon this new one will follow suit. They haven't really had any hit singles - not one that has made their career, although "Cough Cough" and "Kemosabe" both have charted within the UK Top 50 Singles Chart, but they totally deserve to have one massive hit; especially if this song is anything to go by. The song was written by Jonathan Higgs, Michael Spearman, Jeremy Pritchard, and Alex Robertshaw.

Directed by Dave Tree, this music video is a pure performance visual with very little going on. The band displays their on-stage energy and it definitely desires us to go and see them live one day.

Performing on a square stage, Everything Everything are in a box-like room as they display their song. There's really not a lot going on but there's some great imagery and interesting energy that doesn't go unnoticed.

This is literally all I can say about this music video. It's very colourful; there's a lot of blue and pink filters used in the visual. Everything Everything show their interaction with one another and how they group well together as a band. This song is one that I could've seen being a hit, but I don't see it going up the charts, unfortunately.
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