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Buh Bye - Liz Lokre |

I have just written up an article about this song and music video for Outlet Magazine, so I thought I might as well write a blog post about the visual too. She's pretty new on the scene, after launching her music career last year, but LIZ LOKRE is certainly gaining momentum and definitely one for us all to keep our eyes on. This song does remind me of Drake feat. Rihanna's song "Too Good", but only slightly. Watch LIZ LOKRE bring a burst of colour with this infectious confident track that energises all the viewers to be sassy and be prepared to say "Buh Bye"; perfect motivation throughout this music video!

LIZ LOKRE, previously known as Liz Loughrey, launched her debut single "Rise Up!" last year, and this one is her second single release. Both songs have over 150,000 streams on Spotify, which just goes to show how catchy her music really is. This song, in particular, is sultry and hot, whilst bringing some soul into this undeniable pop song. I could so imagine this being remixed with Drake feat. Rihanna's "Too Good", it'll just work perfectly.

Directed by Sean McBride & Caroline Torti, the latter of which also acted as the choreographer, this music video is a pure performance visual surrounded by a full on burst of colour. It has a pop-art feel to it and contains LIZ LOKRE knocking out killer choreography with two backing dancers.

It's complete confidence throughout with LIZ LOKRE keeping the spotlight on her. She is seriously telling us "Buh Bye" and she means every single word of the song. This singer/songwriter proves that she deserves to be in the music industry and needs so much more recognition.

Overall, the music video is great to watch, and something I could watch over and over. She totally nails the choreography throughout. There are no distractions and it's very colourful. There isn't a love interest, unfortunately, but this video is fire nonetheless.
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