Saara Aalto - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

22 August Critic Jonni 1 Comments

Out of Sight, Out of Mind - Saara Aalto |

I struggled today finding a music video I wanted to review, mainly because I have had quite the down day (apart from one little surprise). I decided to review a Saara Aalto song because she inspires me. She's been attempting a career in music for many years and she has built it up and never gave up - and she was absolutely incredible at Birmingham Pride 2017. There are not many music videos from her to choose from, now that I've reviewed "Blessed With Love" and "You Had My Heart". This one is a very sweet ballad from her, that she totally nails, which I totally expected. Watch Saara Aalto pine after her lover who has gone away but she plans on finding him in this sweet music video for "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind".

Saara Aalto is a singer/songwriter from Finland. She came second on the 13th series of The X Factor and also came second, twice, in Finland's national selection to Eurovision in 2011 and 2016; the former was called Euroviisut 2011, and the latter was called Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu. Not only that but in 2012 she competed in The Voice of Finland during season one, where she also came second. She will be a judge on The X Factor Suomi which returns for its second season in 2018. This song is a part of her debut album along with title track "Blessed With Love". It was written by Saara Aalto herself.

This music video was directed by Sakari Mäkelä. It's a pure performance visual with only a few scenes. Saraa Aalto works the camera even when she's not looking towards it; she's totally camera-friendly.

As per usual, Saara Aalto brings it for this sweet ballad. I love how she's missing her love while she's on the bed, holding his photo close to her. She can also be seen in a forested setting and climbing over rocks. She really gets into this character.

Unfortunately, we don't see the guy that she mentions in the song. Yet, budgeting might have been the reason behind this. The video may be low-budget, but Saara Aalto works with it, conveys the narrative along with a fully fleshed out performance visual and gives us a great video in every way.
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  1. Great analysis of the presentation person's / Saara's (?) sensitive feelings. Thank you so much!