Mickey Taylor Featuring ØMC - In The Night

06 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

In the Night (feat. ØMC) - Mickey Taylor |

This has literally just dropped today and it's the prequel to Mickey Taylor's seven-part film made up of music videos based on the Seven Deadly Sins. The first part has already been released and is the visual to his song "All Day" which also featured ØMC. Not only that but the whole visual is clips from the newly released adult movie "Guyspotting" by NakedSword & BlakeMason and directed by MrPam and Mickey Taylor. The song has been out since January and is undeniably catchy and easily relates to the visual. Watch the prequel to Mickey Taylor's upcoming seven-part visual of music videos; see how he and Gabriel Phoenix got together in this music video for "In The Night" featuring ØMC.

Mickey Taylor, if you don't already know from my previous music video review on "All Day", is a porn-star-turned-pop-star. He has been going down the music career path for some time now, and it's definitely working in his favour. This song is one of my favourites from him, so I'm glad there's a music video for it now. Next up will be "Ring of Fire", according to his YouTube comments, and that visual will continue on from where "All Day" left off. Featured on this track, as well as many others, is ØMC, real name John Neff, who is a Chicago-based producer who has worked with a host of stars. This song is part of his most-recent album "Midnight Palace".

Directed by MrPam and Mickey Taylor, this music video is a prequel to "All Day" and you really see how he and Gabriel Phoenix got together. I love how this is also part of film "Guyspotting", and it's clever how they've managed to use these visuals for both the music video and the film.

Actors that can be seen in the music video, apart from our two main characters, are Kayden Grey, Michael Wyatt, Billy Rock, and Matt Anders. Most of which appear in the party scene in the video.

So, according to this video, Kayden Grey is the one who introduces Mickey Taylor and Gabriel Phoenix to one another and even forced them to kiss after a bit of drinking. The small narrative is intercut with some very hot scenes of Mickey Taylor and Gabriel Phoenix getting together.

The ending is very cute and easily allows "All Day" to continue where it was left. Even though this one was filmed in Manchester and "All Day" was filmed in Brighton. The video is well thought out and I love watching it. I can't wait for the other six parts.
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