Taylor Swift - Our Song

September 07, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Our Song - Taylor Swift |

Here is Taylor Swift again, since it's Thursday Revisit, I thought why not do one of her country songs? I absolutely love this one and it's still a tune today. It's a shame that it didn't hit the UK, it was released before "Love Story" which was her debut here, hence why I haven't even seen this music video, that certainly has a low-budget feel to it, but Taylor Swift brings it completely for the visual. Watch Taylor Swift in her country music video where she's quite princess-like whilst still being a strong sexy performer for this visual for "Our Song".

Taylor Swift truly brought country music to the UK. She may have gone down a whole new pop route now, but we've had plenty of country songs from her charting in the UK and being played out on the radio. This wasn't one that got rotation, but it could well have been since it is extremely catchy. I love the lyrics to this song as well. She is currently gearing up to release her sixth studio album, with "Look What You Made Me Do" being the lead single - which gained her first ever UK number one. "Our Song" hit number 16 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number 30 on the Canadian Hot 100. It was written by Taylor Swift.

Directed by Trey Fanjoy, the music video is a laid-back performance piece. The first scene sees her on the phone singing the lyrics in her room - it totally gave me "Look What You Made Me Do" vibes the minute I saw it.

Then she goes out to the porch in her fairy/princess-like dress and gives us a very sweet and innocent performance. Other scenes see her lying on a bed of roses, picking at the petals, as well as a typical band scene in a white box room.

The song definitely gives me Avril Lavigne "Sk8er Boi" vibes due to the change in lyrics towards the end. The video is all right; to be fair, it could have been so much worse if Taylor Swift hadn't turned it out. She's so full of energy in this and fully gives it her all. Without that, this wouldn't have worked at all. Instead, she brought it and totally delivered.
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