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26 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Magic - Sean Smith |

How I totally missed this one and didn't write up about it on my blog until now, I do not know. I have been a fan of Same Difference since they auditioned on The X Factor. They have now parted ways, with Sean Smith focusing on a solo career, and he's definitely creating amazing waves already. It also helps that he looks super hot too! His new looks and fresh style surely gives him the chance to become a great male artist in the UK music industry. This is his second solo single release to date, and I can't wait to see what else he releases in the future. Watch Sean Smith looking damn right sexy alongside a gorgeous woman, who he is getting with, as he claims that she makes him want to believe in "Magic" in his second solo music video.

Sean Smith is best known as one-half of duo Same Difference alongside his sister Sarah Smith. They came third in the fourth series of The X Factor. They have had an all right career as a duo, and there are still some amazing songs I love listening to from their albums. I really wish they had released their third studio album, but I guess that is lost forever. Regardless, we have Sean Smith's solo career to fully embrace, and he surely is bringing out the hot catchy tunes! "Turn Me On" is still a favourite of mine, and this follow-up is just as good. More of a ballad-type pop song, this really shows off his incredible voice and makes me excited for more music from him. The song was written by Nalle Ahlstedt, Petri Somer, Sebastian Rejman, and Paul Oxley.

Directed by Loraa White, the music video is both narrative and performance based with Sean Smith co-starring alongside model and actress Chantelle Foreman; who plays his love interest in the visual. It's completely sexy from start to finish, with both Sean Smith and Chantelle Foreman showing off their bodily assets, although he is wearing much more clothing than she is.

There's not a whole lot going on throughout this visual. We focus mainly on Sean Smith and Chantelle Foreman getting it on; easily relating to the song throughout. Sean Smith really brings fire to the performance piece, meaning every single lyric he is singing, making all the viewers believe his words.

Sex sells, let's be honest, and Sean Smith's new look will definitely gain him attention from a wide range of people. The music video is very sexy although more of a backstory of how they met might have brought out the narrative a bit more, or maybe a shot of them in bed together to imply the magic between them. Regardless, it's a great music video for the song and highly relatable. We just want more music and more videos from Sean Smith now!
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