Chart Mondays: ZAYN Featuring Sia - Dusk Till Dawn

25 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Dusk Till Dawn (feat. Sia) - ZAYN |

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not a fan of ZAYN, although I really do like his collaboration with Taylor Swift, titled "I Don't Wanna Live Forever". This is another new collaboration that has only been out for a couple of weeks and he's already made it into the UK Top 10, whether he'll stay inside, who knows. I'm not so keen on this song either, but it's time for my Chart Mondays review and Sam Smith is still at number one with "Too Good At Goodbyes" and I actually think this won't be in the Top 10 for very long; it's just not that catchy. Watch ZAYN and Jemima Kirke team up to steal a case from a gang and the police, in this music video for "Dusk Till Dawn" which features Sia.

ZAYN, full name Zayn Malik, is best known for being one-fifth of boy group One Direction; well he is mainly known for being the first to leave the group and head off on a solo career. All the boys from the group are doing amazingly well as soloists on charts all over the world. This song seems to be the second single from his to-be-released second studio album, the first being "Still Got Time" which features PartyNextDoor. This one has had much more success, probably with the help of Sia fans, since Sia features on this song. Sia, full name Sia Furler, is a phenomenal singer/songwriter who has a tonne of hits to her name. She totally brings it for her songs, so it's no surprise that this has done well. The song was written by Zayn Malik, Sia Furler, and Greg Kurstin.

As for the music video, that was directed by Marc Webb. ZAYN stars alongside Jemima Kirke; again, there is no Sia in this video whatsoever, although that is definitely something we're getting used to. It's quite a dramatic video but one that isn't easy to follow.

Drawing inspiration from movies such as Casinos and Goodfellas, this music video is completely in-depth; yet, it's difficult to follow due to them trying to pack too much into a five-minute and a half clip. Actually, I think they could've focused more on the narrative than the performance piece to allow viewers to fully understand what is going on.

The opening ten seconds of the song sees flash clips of the entire video, we pretty much know what to expect before it happens - waste of ten seconds in my book. ZAYN looks inside a briefcase before shutting it up and watching Jemima Kirke outside his window. He then goes out on the street with his briefcase, where men in suits are seen to be looking for him.

ZAYN avoids them by heading down a Chinese celebratory street, where he spots Jemima Kirke; they have a longing stare at one another, before the police show up, taking ZAYN. The police take him to a warehouse, where they intimidate him before realising there are only clothes in the briefcase.

As for Jemima Kirke, it turns out she and ZAYN swapped briefcases at one point - did we all miss it? - and now she's packing and ready to escape with ZAYN when he returns. The final scene sees them deceiving both the guys in the gang and the police, leading the police straight to the gang. Yet, we never do find out what's in that briefcase.

Overall, this music video is trying to condense a film-long action-packed sequence of events into just five minutes. It seems like a tall task, yet they waste so much time such as the ten seconds at the start and the police-with-ZAYN scene that it just leaves the viewers confused about the storyline. It really isn't that easy to follow. I'm also pretty sure the song doesn't relate to the video either, so I'm really not sure what to make of it. Regardless, ZAYN deserves to go into the acting business after this music video, it certainly suits him.
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