Monoir Featuring Alexandra Stan - Save The Night

15 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Save the Night (feat. Alexandra Stan) - Monoir |

How has it taken me this long to review this music video on my blog? Could've sworn I had already done it, but that's what happens when I also write things up for CelebMix. I absolutely adore this song and its visual, it's so serene and gorgeous, that I've seen this way too many times. Alexandra Stan and Monoir make one beautiful couple. Monoir was a surprise as he is extremely hot with his top hat and suit. Watch Alexandra Stan walk around Santorini, Cyclades, Greece acting as if she's searching for someone or something, as Monoir follows her like a ghostly apparition in this music video for their song "Save The Night".

Monoir, real name Christian Tarcea, is a Romanian DJ and producer who previously went under the name of Chris Thrace. You might recognise that name, as he has remixed some of the biggest Romanian songs from the likes of Inna, Alexandra Stan, and Raluka. He's also had some hits of his own, under this new name, including "The Violin Song" and "We Had Love". He's certainly a male Romanian artist to keep our eyes on; one who will keep releasing massive hits like this one. "Save The Night" features Alexandra Stan, who is one of my all-time favourite artists. She went international with her song "Mr Saxobeat" and has continued to bring sure-fire hits that I cannot get enough of. She's currently in Los Angeles for the next few months as she works on new music; just imagine the album she'll be releasing! I cannot wait! This song was written by Christian Tarcea and Alexandra Stan.

The music video is gorgeous visually, in every way. It was set in the delicately beautiful Santorini, Cyclades, Greece - a place we all want to visit. Monoir and Alexandra Stan really showcase this serene city perfectly.

The video is perfect as there's a narrative and a performance piece. Alexandra Stan fully gives it during her singing scenes, fully embracing the song and really getting the meaning of the song across to the viewers.

As for the narrative, we watch Alexandra Stan exploring the city. She talks to various people who tell her the direction she needs to go; there are even a few sweet moments, which sees her talking to an elderly person and a child, the latter of which she gives a badge to.

Throughout, Monoir followers her in his sexy suit with that top hat we are fond of. She doesn't realise that he's following her, and there's something ghostly about the way he appears to be keeping up with her. Throughout, the walls of the city are digitally edited, creating intricate but subtle colours within the visual.

The ending sees Alexandra Stan looking lost, as if she's met her destination but hasn't found what she is looking for. Monoir sits down beside her and there's an instant connection - unsurprising since they both look stunning in this music video. He passes her a gift, which is a pocket mirror, she glances at her reflection, instant feeling happier; but, when she turns back to Monoir, all is left of him is the top hat.

Overall, the concept is interesting throughout, with the ending showing that being who you are and being confident brings everything you want. Alexandra Stan goes looking for herself, but little did she know that all she needed to do was realise how beautiful she really is. The narrative is in-depth and slightly relates to the song. As for the performance, it has Alexandra Stan's usual stage vibes all over it, and it's clear she loves this song as much as we all do.
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