The Motans Featuring Inna - Nota de Plata

October 14, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Nota De Plata (feat. Inna) - The Motans |

Here we go, we all knew this was going to appear on my blog, at some point, because of how big of a fan of Inna I am. I actually fully love this song, it's catchy in every way. I previously reviewed the song and music video for CelebMix, I also wrote up articles about their performances on Radio ZU and Virgin Radio Romania. Now, I'm finally revealing all my thoughts on the music video, which is definitely on the weird side, that's for sure. Watch The Motans' singer Denis Robeş perform in a kitchen as he serves the two main characters in this music video for "Nota de Plata" whilst Inna is at a different table.

The Motans are a band from Moldova. Leading the band and providing the vocals in all their songs is Denis Robeş. They have had a number of hits in Romania and are currently signed to Global Records. They have also, previously, collaborated with Delia, so it's no surprise that they ended up collaborating with the most prolific star on the record label. Inna, real name Elena Apostoleanu, has had international success, has worked with some of the biggest and most well-known stars, and continues to release amazing songs. Her recent solo music video, "Ruleta", hit 100 million views on YouTube. She's bound to have another world chart hit, and her popularity doesn't stop growing. This collaboration works amazingly; I had my doubts, at first, but Denis Robeş & Inna sing amazingly well together, with some great harmonies. The song was written by Denis Robeş, Irina Rimes, Inna, Alexandru Cotoi, Costin Bodea, and Damian Rusu.

Directed by Ionut Trandafir, this music video is set around a restaurant and a couple who are out of sorts. The restaurant scenes are intercut with scenes of them in bed, clearly in a mood with each other. Other scenes that are shown throughout is one of Denis Robeş performing the song in the kitchen as he prepares their meal, and one of Inna who looks totally gorgeous, performing her parts of the song.

The narrative is quite dicey, and although it is easy to follow, it's not always easy to understand. The script and concept were created by Vlaicu Bunduchi and Andrei Botnaru. The opening scene sees a couple in bed together, facing opposite ways. The characters are played by Romanian actor George Pistereanu and Romanian actress Madalina Craiu.

They fight for the quilt as they sleep. We enter their dream world, where they are both sitting at a table in a restaurant. In his dream, he stands up, puts his hand inside his jacket (and inside his body - we presume) and takes out what looks to be his liver - although maybe it's supposed to be his heart? - and places it on the table.

In her dream, we see them embracing and enjoying themselves as shiny silver material cascade around them. Then she flashes into the restaurant looking at the menus again. Later, his liver is served back to him and as the song ends, she decides all is forgiven and they curl up in bed together.

It's a cute narrative but I just wish I could understand what is going on fully. Regardless, Denis Robeş and Inna bring it out for the performance pieces. Inna looks absolutely stunning with the flowers in her hair, and she really gives it to the camera - this song means a hell of a lot to her. As for Denis Robeş, he's extremely passionate about this song too, as well as the chef character he has created for himself. It totally works.

Overall, this music video has a polished narrative with a killer performance piece. The Motans and Inna have fully given us an engaging and unforgettable music video; one that will no doubt stick in the minds of everyone who sees it. The song itself is also beyond catchy, and it's one of those that will eventually catch on very soon.
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