Chart Mondays: Yungen Featuring Yxng Bane - Bestie

October 09, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Bestie (feat. Yxng Bane) - Yungen |

Time for my Chart Mondays review, and we have a whole new number one. Post Malone is at the top with "Rockstar" featuring 21 Savage; unfortunately, there isn't a music video for the said song, opening up the UK Top 10 to my Chart Mondays review. This song has snuck in at number 10 after climbing up the chart week-on-week. If there's one style of music I'm not really that into, it's hip-hop, and this is certainly not something I would listen to, as well as the current UK number one "Rockstar". Regardless, here we are. Watch Yungen & Yxng Bane sing about a girl they really like whilst performing in the desert as the narrative takes place in the city at night, in this music video for "Bestie".

Yungen, real name Clive "CJ" Brooks, is a British rapper who has been building up his career. This is his biggest hit to date. It's been a difficult road, but he's not one to give up and that is truly inspiring in every way. This collaboration has definitely launched him successfully in the UK, and I'm pretty sure this will help maximise his potential, allowing for future hits to come along. He teams up with Yxng Bane on this track. He has definitely made some waves this year. Yxng Bane followed this track up with a solo song titled "Rihanna" which zoomed right onto the UK Chart and is inside the Top 50 at the moment. He is proving himself to be an important influencer in rap and hip-hop music. I totally expect lots more hits from him in the future. This song was written by Clive Brooks, Amish Patel, and Guystone Menga.

Directed by Oliver Jennings, the music video was shot in Dubai, with the main scene seeing the two rappers performing in the desert. The concept of the narrative isn't something new, we've seen it a few times before. Ignoring that, they do not make it all so clear, and it is pretty difficult to understand and follow.

Shall we start with the performance piece? It is mainly based in the desert, although we do see them in the city performing the song at a gig, in some scenes. Yxng Bane fully gives it, passionately singing the song throughout. Yungen doesn't quite live up to the featured rapper, but he does grab the spotlight at times, giving some power and some meaningful expressions for the song.

As for the narrative, it's clear that the two rappers fall for the same girl. However, that is basically the normal concept, it doesn't seem to go anywhere, there's no build-up of tension, no shocking or memorable moments, nothing that keeps the audience engaged and following the story - well, there isn't even a story just that one concept.

Overall, I feel that there are too many scene swaps. It messes with the viewers as they flick from gorgeous sunshine desert to the nighttime city exploring. The narrative isn't easy to follow and they lose the audience as the visual continues. However, we sure all laughed when we saw one of them fall off the quad bike into the desert sand - that is definitely something that would happen to me.
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