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October 08, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Something - Lasgo |

How have I not reviewed this music video yet? My iTunes played this song randomly today and it made me realise how amazing this track is. Lasgo never quite lived up to this debut single and their later releases were, pretty much, disappointments. They haven't released new music for years and now consist of a duo. I always considered them the Belgium trance act that came before eurodance Cascada. I'm surprised they didn't team up, however, Lasgo did collaborate with Taylor Jones for "Something 2013" which totally refreshed this song. Watch Lasgo at Praha hlavní nádraží (Prague main railway station) as the trio display love and heartbreak during this music video for their debut single "Something".

Lasgo were a three-piece trance group consisting of Evi Goffin, Peter Luts, and Dave McCullen. Now they are a duo consisting of Evi Goffin and Dave McCullen - although no new music has been released since 2013. This track is their biggest hit to date, and I can imagine it being a total smash in clubs. It's one of those songs you really wish will be refreshed for the current club market. We've seen plenty of club classics be refreshed, so why not this one? It's still catchy today and definitely has an air of 90's about it, whilst keeping it modern for its release in 2001. It hit the UK Singles Chart hard, managing to peak at number four.

There's a lot going on in the music video, and at times it feels like it's hard to follow along. Mostly, we see Evi Goffin at the railway station. Time plays an important part in the music video too, with plenty of scenes showing the big clock. The song does have that quickened pace to it as if time is running out, so I do love that they've related it to the video.

What I really do want to point out and give kudos to, is the scene where two women are sitting at a table looking across to each other lovingly. They later hold hands! It's incredible to see support for the LGBTQ+ community in a 2001 music video!

Throughout we see plenty of couples together, making us single people pretty jealous, as well as Evi Goffin - who has the look we all get when we wish we had someone too. According to the clock, she stays at the station for over 6 hours - that is a very long time. She stares at a photo of her lover throughout, and there's a throwback moment of them kissing.

Then ending sees her staring into a locker, which is then closed. It's as if she's looking for that something that he hid from her, but I don't think she ever finds it. The music video is quite confusing, at times, like there's no explanation why that guy deliberately spills the other guy's coffee. However, ignoring the weird scenes, this is a great relatable music video, feels as if it was released recently rather than in the 00's. Regardless, I can't quite grasp the full narrative of this.
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