Feder Featuring Alex Aiono - Lordly

November 19, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Lordly (feat. Alex Aiono) - Feder |

I've kind of had an Alex Aiono addiction on my blog recently since I went to see him live at his London gig for CelebMix. So, I thought I might as well continue reviewing his music videos, especially since he impressed at the O2 Academy 2 Islington when I was there. He didn't sing this song, or maybe he did and I didn't clock it. Either way, I love this song and music video, it has an addicting side to it the more you listen. Watch Alex Aiono perform this track whilst two sets of dancers are controlled by Feder in this music video for "Lordly".

Feder, real name Hadrien Federiconi, is a French DJ who has had a few successful hits, this track totally being one of them, although it's his debut "Goodbye" featuring Lyse that really launched him and gave him his first international hit. He's certainly one to keep your eye on as he brings out more addicting tracks that we all can't get enough of. The feature on this song is Alex Aiono, who has pretty much been making waves within the music industry. He's prepared to release a fully-fledged global hit, one that's clearly on the cards soon enough - especially with his massive following and considering the awesome songs he has dropped to date. This song did manage to chart in many countries. It was written by Hadrien Federiconi and Tienus Konijnenburg.

Directed by Kristian Young, this music video is quite theatrical - much like the backing track of this song. It definitely has a dark theme going on, especially since Feder acts as quite an evil character, controlling two sets of contemporary dancers.

It's almost as if the dancers are battling it out to win some sort of prize, and during some of the scenes, it looks like Feder has to choose between them. Regardless he is definitely controlling them with his writing, or spinning of a coin, or via the cards at the start. Once the coin stops spinning, the dancers all fall to the floor.

The contemporary dancing is on point throughout, with all four dancers impressing to no end. The routine is mighty complex and easily emulates the beat of the track. As for Alex Aiono, he brings quite a relaxed energy to his performance piece, which is a contrast to the dancers, and slightly disappointing.

Overall, this music video would've been much better if it had made a little bit more sense. It's like they've built this entire concept but not revealed it so the viewers are left confused. It's a solid track though and one that I'll definitely be listening to again and again.
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