Fergie Featuring Axl Jack - Enchanté (Carine)

November 07, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Enchante (Carine) [feat. Axl Jack] - Fergie |

I am still 17 days behind on my blog, and it's all Fergie's fault for dropping music video after music video - I managed to cover them all on CelebMix, including this one; in doing so, I fell behind on my blog, so I might as well just review her music videos on my blog too since she is the culprit. This is one of a few of my favourite songs from her brand new album, however, this music video is much more basic than her other videos. Watch Kendall Jenner go about various tasks as repetitions of her going forwards and backwards is constantly shown in Fergie's music video for "Enchanté (Carine)" featuring her son Axl Jack.

Fergie, real name Fergie Duhamel and previously Stacy Ferguson, is best known for being the female singer in the Black Eyed Peas. She previously went solo over ten years ago and has been working on her second studio album for a few years. To me, it is one of the best albums of the year, Double Dutchess shows off her versatility in every way. I pretty much like every single song on the album - which is rare for me. This one stands out because the song features her son Axl Jack. The song was written by Fergie Duhamel, Tal Meltzer, Philip Patterson, and David Riff.

This music video was released as part of the Double Dutchess Visual Experience, which sees all 13 tracks get a music video, bringing a visual experience album to her listeners and fans.

This is one of the most basic music videos, that certainly has inspiration from Instagram's Boomerang feature - which is becoming very popular at the moment in visuals. Kendall Jenner appears both as main characters and backing characters in this multi-Kendall-Jenner universe. This isn't the first time one of the Kardashian/Jenner's have been in a Fergie music video, Kim Kardashian featured in "M.I.L.F. $".

There's not a whole lot going on, just multiple Kendall Jenner going about her life, waking up, walking the dogs, getting ready, being in a meeting with various versions of herself, and then we go back through her routines.

What I can't fault this on, is her fashion and style. Kendall Jenner is on point all the way through this music video. Some surprising choices have been chosen, but she works them completely; totally showing off how great of a model she is.

Overall, the music video has nothing going for it, it doesn't really keep the audience entertained, and it certainly has a warped effect. Plus, could we really deal with multiple Kendall Jenners? This would be too many, however, imagine if you had multiple versions of yourself, you could literally stay in bed all day whilst they do everything else - that'll be the life.
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