Macklemore Featuring Kesha - Good Old Days

November 08, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Good Old Days (feat. Kesha) - Macklemore |

I actually thought I had already reviewed this, clearly, I haven't, so it's time to do this one. It's still in the UK chart, and I actually thought it would climb its way up and make it into the Top 10 so I could review it for Chart Mondays, however, that seems extremely unlikely, so I might as well cover it now since I adore this song and music video in every way. This was a killer collaboration, one that should've brought international chart success for both artists; it's sad that that didn't quite happen, but this will be one of my treasured songs, for sure. Watch Macklemore and Kesha live their lives freely and together in this cute music video for their song "Good Old Days".

Macklemore, real name Benjamin Haggerty, went viral when he teamed up with Ryan Lewis. Together they brought some phenomenal tunes that smashed the charts all over the world, but this collaboration didn't stick around for long, and Macklemore is continuing his solo career. They are officially on hiatus, much like many bands and groups that we know. He's been having a tough time getting those chart numbers as a solo act, and we all thought it would change with this song and collaboration, since Kesha has had amazing success, but her court proceedings have affected her career, that's for sure. Her full name is Kesha Sebert, and she recently released her third studio album which has got everyone talking. This song sees the artists complementing each other effortlessly, so much so that we hope that they release more collaborations in the future - we can only hope. The song was written by Ben Haggerty, Kesha Sebert, Joshua Karp, Andrew Joslyn, Sam Wishkoski, and Tyler Andrews.

Directed by Johnny Valencia, the music video has a laid-back theme to it just like the song. Really managing to capture "Good Old Days" in every sense of those three words.

Taking the lyrics and transforming a world around them, Kesha and Macklemore impress with their acting ability and vocal skills. There's an old camera used to capture some of the scenes, and it's clear they both got on really well with each other. They certainly make a great couple, and it's heart-warming to watch every single scene in this video.

There may not be much to this video, with it bringing some sort of hippie vibe, where they relax and take it back to the good old days. But, it perfectly relates to the song, bringing it everything we wanted and needed. This music video warms all of our hearts and makes us a little teary as we think of our good old days, as well as knowing how personal this is to Kesha's life since we all know she's going through some tough times, right now.
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