Fergie - Love Is Pain

29 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Love Is Pain - Fergie |

I am still behind on my blog, and it's all Fergie's fault for dropping new music video after new music video which I covered on CelebMix, including this one. Okay, so it's not all Fergie's fault; recently, as I was finally catching up, INNA decided to release a brand new single every day of the week for seven days, which I also covered for CelebMix around my usual articles. I am flat-out right now, but that doesn't stop me intending to catch up on my blog, especially since I have been nominated for a UK Blog Award, don't forget to vote for me. Now, I'm not so keen on this music video, and thought it'll be an easy one for me to cover as I attempt to catch up. Watch Fergie showered and covered in glitter as Denna Thomsen turns the song into an epheral dance sequence in this interesting music video for "Love Is Pain" as part of the Double Dutchess: Visual Experience.

Fergie, full name Fergie Duhamel and previously known as Stacy Ferguson, is best known as being the sole female member of The Black Eyed Peas. She released her second studio album this year, to various critical reviews - personally, I absolutely loved it, check out my CelebMix review. The album really shows her versatility as an artist and should definitely help her pave way to an exciting future. This song is the last track on the album and it is incredible by itself because of how much of a personal track it is, although there are much better songs on the album - to be honest. The song was written by Fergie Duhamel and Toby Gad.

Directed by Nina McNeely, this music video is definitely full of glitter, blood, dancing, emotion, and grit. Fergie sure knows how to perform, and boy does she do just that. She's full of performance vibes and every single word of this song really manages to hit home. It resonates deeply with every listener.

However, it's not all great. There's really not a lot going on, and although Denna Thomsen is incredible in interpreting the song into an interesting dance routine, it feels like there's no substance to it. This would've worked so much better if it was Fergie doing the dancing, instead the constant switching between Fergie and Denna Thomsen manages to throw some of the emotion away.

Overall, this music video should've been better, but considering the incredible videos that are also a part of the Double Dutchess: Visual Experience, all can be forgiven for this one. It is highly emotional, both the song and the music video, but Fergie brings it like no one else can and that really pushes Denna Thomsen's visuals into the background.
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