Luis Fonsi - Nada Es Para Siempre

November 30, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Nada Es Para Siempre - Luis Fonsi |

I was so not expecting this! It's Thursday Revisit again, and I thought I might as well dip into a classic Luis Fonsi song after finally reviewing "Despacito" which features Daddy Yankee, last Saturday. What I wasn't expecting was a Latin-Pop ballad where Luis Fonsi can be seen playing a guitar whilst pouring his heart out. This literally gave me goosebumps, no wonder it hit number one on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks and the Billboard Latin Tropical/Salsa Airplay. This is certainly different to what he is known for now, and yet so raw and emotionally honest; I can't help but love it. Watch Luis Fonsi perform with a guitar whilst he sings to a woman in this music video for his song "Nada Es Para Siempre".

Luis Fonsi, real name Luis López-Cepero, has certainly changed his music style over the years, however all great artists do change their sound, and it certainly paid off for Luis Fonsi. His latest music is charting all over the world, and he is one hell of a global superstar by now. Everyone knows his name. What most people don't realise is that he has been in the industry since the late 90's bringing some incredible Latin-Pop tracks to the scene, fully charting on the Billboard chart for a number of years. This song was his first track to ever chart on the Billboard Hot 100; he hit number 90 in 2005, but later he'd continue to hit this chart a few more times. The song was written by Amaury Gutiérrez.

Directed by Gustavo Garzon, this music video is laid back and very chilled out as he sings his song with his guitar. Totally a differnt vibe and performance energy compared to what we watch of him now.

It certainly has a mid-noughties vibe to the visual, and it's mainly a performance piece throughout. Luis Fonsi impresses with his guitar skills whilst we watch a slight narrative of a woman he is clearly in love with. The song is about loving her today as they don't know what could happen tomorrow, and the visual sure does replicate that - there's even a bedsheet scene.

Other scenes see the woman topless as he caresses her back or he's all up on her, which feels like they're oversexualising her without sexualising him, which is stupid and just goes to show that even in the 00's they were doing this in music videos. There's also a bath scene, but she doesn't look like she's enjoying any part of this music video.

Overall, this isn't so bad, it's nothing like his latest music video or songs; but I like the raw quality feel to this and doesn't surprise me that the song charted at number one on Billboard Latin Tracks chart. I do feel like the music video could've gone places, but it doesn't. The performance is on point - as expected - but the narrative is flimsy with more focus on sexualising the woman in the visual.
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