New Release: NADINE - Rise

November 10, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Rise - NADINE |

Just a reminder to everyone, this has been backdated, so really it's 10 November, according to the date of this post, even though it's actually 26 November - that's how far behind I am on this blog, but I promise I will catch up. I'm actually really happy I've stumbled across this one. It's melodically haunting with NADINE bringing infectious vocals! Make sure you don't confuse her with Nadine Coyle though, who is also going mononymous as Nadine. Watch NADINE perform her new song in a church as she releases emotions on the track and feels every single lyric in the music video for "Rise".

NADINE, real name Nadine Furer, has recently released her third EP, titled RISE (on 23 November). She's making waves in her native country of Switzerland and her home country of the UK. Her vocals are shockingly brilliant, you wouldn't expect that gorgeous voice to come out of this female singer, and this is exactly how she is gaining traction. I'm actually interested in her other songs, especially after watching this music video and listening to this incredible track "Rise".

The music video was directed by Gareth Kay and was filmed at The Church of St John the Baptist, Hoxton, in London; which is mainly known as St John's Hoxton. It's a beautiful location that has really made this music video and NADINE pop.

It's a pure performance piece with NADINE fully using the whole church to create many different scenes. She has this enormous presence, especially when she sings, easily capturing every single viewer.

She brings it in and unleashes this incredible energy. This just works in every way. However, there's not a whole host of things going on, and it's all down to NADINE to keep the attention of the viewer from start to finish, and although she manages to do well, it's just not good enough. The scene with the piano does pique my interest a little bit.
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