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11 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Rockets - Samantha J. |

Chose this from YouTube Recommendations as I thought there wasn't going to be much to this music video; and, once again, I am surprised because this song is completely catchy in every way. It's not brilliant, but it's my sort of tune, so YouTube Recommendations for the win, yet again. Samantha J. is a rising artist who we must not get confused with Samantha Jade - there's just so many artists with similar names now. Her style, music, and confidence are definitely what will launch Samantha J. in every way. Watch Samantha J. be confident and sassy as she flirts with a guy in this music video for her song "Rockets".

Samantha J., real name Samantha Gonsalves, is a Jamaican model and singer-songwriter. She went viral with her international debut "Tight Skirt", she then followed that up with the Swedish and Norway chart-hit "Light It Up" where she provided the vocals for the Marcus & Martinus track. She's collaborated with some great rappers, and she's definitely taking large steps in the music industry. I suggest you note this woman's name because she is going to be big as she continues on this unstoppable journey. The song was written by Erik Smaaland and Kristoffer Chaka Tømmerbakke.

Directed by Tobias Myklebust Fjeldheim, this music video has a main performance piece set in two different scenes and an identifiable slight narrative. Samantha J. definitely keeps us entertained throughout. It was filmed in Oslo, Norway.

The narrative pretty much starts this video off, as we watch Samantha J. and her love interest flirt as they handle sparklers - which aren't fireworks like the song suggests, but they're close enough. I love the dancehall element of the song, and these scenes sure are showing off their acting skills bringing this flavour of a slightly new couple hanging out with friends.

The narrative continues right up to the end where they stumble across a pool and decide to dive in. This is also the setting where a few performance pieces take place, it's full of colour and really allows Samantha J. to shine.

However, it's her tunnel performance scene that really captures her energy and displays exactly how she would perform on a stage. She sure knows how to bring it. On the other hand, there's the male-attention grabbing scene in the milk bath, which takes some guts to do. I feel like she shouldn't have to stoop this low for a music video, but her confidence and boldness is certainly what is giving her the views. All it takes is some nerve, and that is certainly a ballsy move.

Overall, this music video works well with the song, it gets better the more times you watch it, so I suggest you click that replay button. The song is addicting and is currently stuck in my head, and the music video totally relates, and I guess it is kind of unforgettable.
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