Amir - États d'amour

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États d'Amour - Amir |

This is certainly one of my favourite tracks from Amir's new album, titled "Addictions". This track was the lead single from the album, and the music video is quite bright and completely interesting. I haven't seen it until today, which is shocking since he was one of my favourite contestants from Eurovision 2016. It charted well in France, which is no surprise there, and it has over 13 million YouTube views. This video certainly relates to this song and people who don't understand what he is singing - including me - can understand from this visual. Watch Amir move into a house with his partner and then later have an argument, which then ends up with them making up in this loving music video for "États d'amour".

Amir, full name Amir Haddad, is best known for representing France in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with "J'ai cherché". He scored 257 points which put him sixth in the Grand Final. He later went on to collaborate with OneRepublic on the French version of their song "No Vacancy". His career is soaring up high in France, and his album did pretty well in France, Belgium, and Switzerland. I truly believe Eurovision helped him to launch his career and he's certainly one to watch. Before the contest, he auditioned for season three of The Voice: la plus belle voix where he placed third. This song charted at number 15 in France and even managed to hit number 14 on a Belgium chart. It was written by Amir Haddad, Renaud Rebillaud, and Nazim Khaled.

Directed by Francis Cutter with choreography coming from Kyf Ekamé, the music video stars Amir and his love interest, actress and dancer, Caroline Blot, moving in together. As the camera circles through various settings in this place that they're moving into, time moves on and we see their relationship unfold.

We watch as they move in, with a box and rearranging furniture. This then turns into setting up the house, with the product placement of Nordnet, and setting the table for a meal; to Caroline Blot getting ready in the mirror. It's all happiness and smiles with an energetic dance scene, full of love and cheerfulness, which is nailed by both Amir and Caroline Blot.

But things do take a turn for the worse. There's friction in the air which then intensifies into an explosion of sorts. They are clearly not enjoying each other's company anymore. The following choreography is angry and full of hatred, but still in a loving way, enough where they get over this tiff and continue on with their lives, happy to be together.

Overall, this music video easily relates to the lyrics of this song and manages to tell quite the story. There are performance scenes throughout that see Amir in a monologue-like scene expressing his feelings towards this song, bringing that extra special twist to the visual that is completely passionate in every way.
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