Kailee Morgue - Medusa

06 December Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Medusa - Kailee Morgue |

This is another YouTube Recommendations since I couldn't think of a music video to review - okay, I could think of loads, but they're all amazing music videos that are going to take me hours upon hours to review, and since I am weeks behind on this blog, I can't afford to spend that sort of time on them, just yet. This one seemed quite haunting and interesting at the same time, so I thought, why not? What I wasn't expecting, was to actually like the song. Watch Kailee Morgue show off her performance vibes in this kaleidoscopic and coloured filter music video for her song "Medusa".

Kailee Morgue pretty much became a viral sensation overnight, with this particular song. She released a clip of herself singing a demo version of this song on Twitter, where it received phenomenal attention to the extent where she went on to sign a record label. This song is one of those ones that gain traction but didn't become a hit, although it still has a chance to hit charts around the world in 2018, like so many other tracks have done in the last year. The song was written by Kailee Morgue and Christopher J Baran.

Directed by Miles & AJ, this music video is beyond basic, showing off Kailee Morgue's performance ability. She's quite stunning with some brilliant scenes throughout, although none that fully relate to the song and she doesn't really bring that much energy.

You would expect a Greek mythology type of music video for this song; and, although Kailee Morgue has green hair - which some could presume is a reference to Medusa who had snakes for hair - the music video doesn't correlate to the song. There are some haunting figures throughout and a bath filled with dark water - a possible reference to the opening lyric - the rest of the video falls flat.

As for Kailee Morgue's performance, she does bring it during certain parts, but it's not engaging and doesn't keep the audience entertained. She doesn't really feel the lyrics all that well. Maybe, she's not comfortable in front of a professional camera, filming her debut music video. Whatever it is, she is bound to be someone who will improve as time goes by. With a song like this, she'll be a name to remember in the upcoming years.
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