Zara Larsson - Don't Let Me Be Yours

December 30, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Don't Let Me Be Yours - Zara Larsson |

I was just listening to "Only You", and realised I haven't reviewed this music video yet; although to be fair, I'm not so keen on this song "Don't Let Me Be Yours". Why did she not release a music video for "Only You"? - Now, that one is a tune. This song was released before "Only You", it wasn't a success at all, compared to her previous songs. The music video is all right, but the scenes with Zara Larsson has all sorts of lighting problems. Watch Zara Larsson perform to the camera while scenes of a woman racing driver are intercut throughout in this music video for "Don't Let Me Be Yours".

Zara Larsson is the Swedish sensation that went international thanks to a collaboration with MNEK that really sent her global with her solo work. She launched well, especially in the UK where her follow-up singles all did well, and we finally got a debut solo album, although she did previously release a debut album which was restricted to certain countries. We haven't heard anything new from her for a bit of a while, so I'm presuming she's working on new music and is prepared to blow us all away once again. This song was written by Zara Larsson, Steve McCutcheon, Johnny McDaid, and Edward Christopher Sheeran (Ed Sheeran).

Directed by Daniel Kaufman, this music video deserved to have been better. It may have the essentials for a great music video with a performance piece and a narrative piece, but it just doesn't work overall. It does have a sense of girl power throughout though.

The narration starts the video off, as we watch a woman head towards a smashed up car in the junkyard. She finds what she needs and takes it back to her racing car so she can compete. At the end, she wins a trophy, which makes the whole thing worthwhile and proves that anything is possible if you fight for it.

I have a total problem with lighting in the music video during Zara Larsson's performance piece. It's clear the person behind the camera didn't take in the sun and the background lighting, causing some really bright shots that swallow Zara Larsson up in light - at times we can't see her at all. Regardless she still brings energy, which we expect. It's clear this song means a lot to her, yet it doesn't work out the way we had hoped.

Overall, this music video isn't memorable at all. It barely relates to the song, apart from the fact that our main character isn't bothered about looking her best, and instead focused on making her dream come true - which isn't really what the song is about, since Zara Larsson sings about a guy who may not like her in the morning when she doesn't look perfect and he has sobered up. Her performance piece would be good if the sunlight didn't get in the way. She makes up for it at night with the burning car, though.
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