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Dead 2 Me - CeCe |

Anyone who saw my last blog post certainly expected me to follow it up with this one, since I had just realised that I haven't reviewed any of CeCe's music videos, until now. "Broke AF" was totally one of my favourite music videos from 2017; yet, her debut single "Dead 2 Me" still manages to resonate with me, and I'll never forget the day she dropped this music video. There's just something so incredibly special about this. CeCe really brings it for this visual, maybe because it is officially her debut. Watch CeCe get revenge on her guy who cheated on her in this music video for her debut single titled "Dead 2 Me".

CeCe, full name CeCelia Frey, made her name known by coming eighth in the second series of The X Factor (US). Her vocals are phenomenal, and this track really doesn't do her justice, although it is catchy. If you take a listen to her follow-up song "Broke AF", you'll see how amazing her talent really is. This song and its music video feels like the CeCe that we met during The X Factor, who was almost on the side of arrogant; however, she's grown up a lot since then. The series also made stars out of Tate Stevens, Fifth Harmony, Emblem3, Diamond White, Bea Miller, and Sister C. This song was written by Lydia Vaughan, CeCelia Frey, and Andrew Kremer.

Directed by Patrick Lawrence, this music video has three sections or parts as the video calls them. It's a great narrative from start to finish; although, it's something we've seen time and time again with just a different take on the storyline every time. However, this isn't that much different to others we have seen.

"Act I: The Set Up" starts off with a phone call between CeCe and the guy who has cheated on her. She announces that she totally understands and that "friends kiss all the time" in quite a sarcastic way without giving it away that it's a set up. She invites him to a party, proclaiming that they'll kiss and make up. At the end of the phone call, she tells her girls that "he bought it", before laughing and the track kicks in. They drive to the venue as the first part of the song is sung, with CeCe bringing fire to the track in her performance visuals, which we totally expected.

"Act II: The Trap" sees CeCe's on-screen lover walk on to the set of the party. The venue is deserted as he tries to find out where about the party is being held. He arrives at a garage as the second part of the song kicks in. The girls surround him, as CeCe sings and throws punches at him, which he attempts to avoid until the last one knocks him to the ground.

"Act III: The Party" is the final part, where they drag him to a chair and tie him up. CeCe has on her leopard-print face paint which we're used to seeing from her days on The X Factor (US), as all the girls dance away at the party. She sings the song right in the face of her love interest before they all walk away, leaving him strapped to the chair.

Overall, it's a brilliant music video that completely relates to the song in every way. The storyline has been thought out and is cleverly split into three parts. On the other hand, it's not something new, and this narrative has appeared time and again in music videos.
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