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Broke AF - CeCe |

Have I really not reviewed this yet? OMG! I haven't even reviewed her first music video "Dead 2 Me". What is wrong with me? You know what's coming after this music video review, right? I did write up an article about CeCe's "Broke AF" music video for CelebMix, so that's probably why I missed it. Still, I'm ashamed of myself, because this is one epic music video that should be on my blog! This song is such a raw, emotional, and honest pop-ballad, one that no one can deny suits CeCe perfectly. The music video completely relates in every way. Watch CeCe and Ronen Rubinstein show how in love they are with one another whilst being completely out of money in this loving music video for "Broke AF".

CeCe, full name CeCe Frey, made a name for herself on the second season of US version of The X Factor. She came sixth overall and was a part of Demi Lovato's team. It was that series that made established names out of Tate Stevens, Fifth Harmony, Emblem3, Diamond White, Bea Miller, and Sister C. This song, alone, really shows how far CeCe has come from her first audition. "Broke AF" is a powerful track that is totally stripped back and full of real emotion in every single way. It was written by Jonathan Castelli, Zachary Scott Poor, Hayley Warner, Adam Scott Friedberg, and CeCelia Marie Frey.

Directed by Patrick Lawrence, this music video is a full narrative music video that has a performance piece thrown in throughout as CeCe sings along to the lyrics. She easily portrays the main character and gives it all the emotion it totally deserves. Ronen Rubinstein brings it too, for the narrative, and these two worked perfectly together.

Interpreting some of the lyrics literally, such as the mattress on the floor, this music video easily shows two people completely in love whilst being "Broke AF". The video starts out with our adorable couple robbing a store with water guns, as they clearly can't afford to pay for their items - let alone pay for a real gun to rob the store with. Then we watch their home life, which sees CeCe as an artist, painting a jacket and then painting her name on Ronen Rubinstein's body.

They easily convey two people in love, and it melts my heart to watch. They steal a car and then later returns it, leaving a note; they drove to the top of a hill to look at the beautiful cityscape. She finds a waitress job but feels so down after her shift, only to come home to see the cutest surprise ever from her boyfriend.

Overall, this music video is beyond amazing. It's well thought out and completely relates to the song in every way. CeCe and Ronen Rubinstein bring it, easily displaying the narrative and really getting involved with the characters they are playing. Such a brilliant music video, one I could watch again and again.
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  1. Another song that's truly grown on me! I blame you Jonni! Seriously do love your blogs!! Everyone else who reads this will have to agree with me!