Ja Rule Featuring Ashanti - Always On Time

January 14, 2018 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Always On Time - Ja Rule & Ashanti |

This is what happens when a classic song gets revamped like RAYE & Mr Eazi has done with "Decline", as I end up reviewing the original music video too - and why not? Not going to lie, I love what RAYE has done with the song and the idea of declining the call; I now sing those lyrics when I hear this, rather than these actual lyrics. It's full of 00's R&B which was all the rage way back then; it seems to be coming back in, in a whole new spin and we sure aren't complaining. Watch Ja Rule and Ashanti prove that she's always there on time but not always there when he calls in this just-on-time music video for their hit single "Always On Time".

Ja Rule, real name Jeffrey Atkins, is an American rapper who hit it big in the early 00's with rapping on R&B tracks, such as this one. He was on top of his game, however he hasn't released a single in some time, and he's been pushing back his eighth studio album. It's great to see that he wants to make it perfect, especially since he has been away from music for so long; yet, everyone is wondering whether he can make a comeback - we'll have to wait and see. As for the featured star on this track, Ashanti, full name Ashanti Douglas, has been a prominent force in music for some time before jumping into the film industry and making her name known there. She's now focusing on music and is also planning on releasing a brand new album soon, her sixth studio LP. Again, it's another question as to whether she'll be able to make a comeback, her latest album just didn't hit the mark. This song was her first official single and one that was an international hit around the world. It was intended to feature Brandy instead of Ashanti. "Always On Time" was written by Marcus Vest, Jeffrey Atkins, and Irving Lorenzo.

Directed by Craig Fanning, the music video is a performance piece set within a narrative and shows off some incredible scenes that certainly would've put this music video on top during its release. I have to admit, I'm surprised I haven't seen this until today.

Both artists bring R&B glory to the performance piece, that's for sure. They easily take in the lyrics of the song and project it out to the audience whilst adding a bit of fun to it all, which only makes this music video even more engaging.

As for the narrative scenes, there is an awful lot going on. We watch Ja Rule being served breakfast by two women, who are on the clingy side. He calls some woman and she picks him up in a speedboat. Then we pan to what looks like a fireball in the sky, but it must be the sun, and we swap scenes.

This time Ja Rule is rapping in a Chevrolet Continental before he breaks down and a new woman comes to rescue him. Until finally he's performing at a concert and the women surround him wanting him, when all of a sudden a ladder appears and a hot air balloon is above him, with a woman inside ready to rescue him.

Overall, the music video is a great concept that really works. Ashanti is iconic to this song, it's just a shame she doesn't actually appear in the narration scenes, you would think she'd be the one rescuing Ja Rule, every single time. Otherwise, it's a great music video, one I can watch again and again, which works with the song.
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