Stroke 69 - Beautiful Smile

January 11, 2018 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Beautiful Smile - Stroke 69 |

What did I just watch? How is this song Stroke 69's biggest Romanian hit? It does not make sense, although after thinking about the song, it is kind of stuck in my head, so I guess it's not so bad; but I certainly won't be watching this music video a second time! I chose this for my Thursday Revisit, as I doubt I'll get another chance to review this. There's just no substance to the visual and although it may keep certain people entertain, it doesn't really relate that well to the song. Watch Stroke 69 perform their song to women who move sexily in this music video for their debut hit track "Beautiful Smile".

Stroke 69 is a Romanian duo consisting of Sly (Ilyes Zsolt) and DJ White (Nagy Szabolcs). They are still going today, releasing new music and proving that this is what they are meant to be doing. Their songs are easily catchy, with some of them being worthy of becoming international hits if the right promotion came along. It's interesting to see that they have charted in Romania and that they continue to thrive today, doing what they love to do. I am interested if they can expand their reach in the coming years as they continue to release more new music. This one was their debut single, and it's still their biggest hit to date. It was released on Roton Music.

We all have to admit, this music video is sexy and has a slight narration involved if you count the women who are being sexy and eventually end up smiling, as requested by Stroke 69. It's just missing an actual storyline.

Once again, Stroke 69 fails to impress in their performance visuals. None of them really bring it to the camera, and just like in "Black Rose" - which I previously reviewed this week, hence why this has become my Thursday Revisit - Sly and DJ White just makes us wish they'd bring some enthusiasm or emotion or energy to the visual. We just get nothing from them.

Overall, this music video focuses on the women in the clips rather than trying to give the viewers something meaningful to watch. I sure hope their most recent music videos are much better than this, although I probably won't explore them anytime soon.
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