Stroke 69 - Black Rose

09 January Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Black Rose - Stroke 69 |

Once again, I've left my iTunes to decide the music video I review, today, and this song has really embedded itself in my head. It feels like one of those classic dance/house tracks from the early 00's that was all the range; instead, it's a lot more current and really shows that amazing music is coming from Romania from the last decade. Watch Stroke 69 perform while a woman dives into the water towards a strip of coloured lights in this music video for "Black Rose".

Stroke 69 are a two-piece DJ project consisting of Sly (Ilyes Zsolt) and DJ White (Nagy Szabolcs). Their first single was "Beautiful Smile" which went on to help them win awards. They continue to shine, by releasing new music. They clearly work well as a duo and confidently record new music. They stay fresh and current with their music, managing to keep doing what they love. It'll be interesting to see what the future will bring for them, they clearly deserve a worldwide hit, especially since they keep recording and producing. This song was written by Ilyes Zsolt and Nagy Szabolcs.

Directed by Alexandru Popescu, this music video really doesn't go anywhere and fails to connect with the audience. I was really hoping for something to hook the viewers in but nothing turns up.

There is both a performance piece and a narrative piece - if you want to call either of them that. The narrative sees a woman jump into a pool of water after seeing some lights. She grabs for them and twists around them before magically changing her clothes in the water, and never once did she come up for air - she definitely can hold her breath.

Then the performance just sees the vocalist spinning on a chair, adding subtle emotions into the song and yet not fully nailing it. This is very lacklustre in comparison to the song which is a complete emotional banger. I was so not expecting this after loving this song for so long.
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