Chart Mondays: MK - 17

January 08, 2018 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

17 - MK |

Catch-up spree is in full force, and here's my Chart Mondays review from five weeks ago - yes, I am that far behind, although you wouldn't know since I have backdated the date. This song is totally the club-banger around at the moment, which isn't a surprise since it is by MK. I am reviewing the music video to this as on this backdated date, Ed Sheeran is still at the top with his song "Perfect". This music video fails to interest me whatsoever and was not at all something I was expecting. Watch a bunch of young people party, dance, and hang out with flashbacks of their youth in this music video to MK's "17".

MK, real name Marc Kinchen, is a DJ that has stayed current as the decades have passed. This is not something many DJs can state, although in recent years they have become ever so popular; which has allowed MK to return to the mainstream recently. He'll certainly be someone that will give us hit after hit, although he's not someone we're all going to be talking about as he is known for his initials, and that's going to take quite a few hits for people to get used to; although, if anyone can do that, it's MK! This song has hit it big in Scotland, Mexico, The UK, and Ireland. It was written by Carla Monroe, Dave Whelan, Marc Kinchen, and Mike Di Scala.

Directed by Dean Richardson, this music video really doesn't have a lot going for it. It's not engaging to the audience, and when you've seen it once you're not all that bothered if you see it again. It's bright and colourful and I love the fact that MK is representing black men and women within dance and house music.

We watch a party go on, before we watch the group interact in the street, all intercut with flashbacks and camera recordings. It's clever but it is so not interesting, it doesn't actively involve the viewers.

Overall, this music video falls flat, which is in major contrast to the song. Appreciation has to go out to the fact that it is quite relatable to the track and the lyrics; the content just isn't something that leaves us wanting more. Instead, within the first minute or so, we're wondering what else we could watch.
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