Sunstroke Project - Sun Gets Down

January 06, 2018 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Sun Gets Down - Sunstroke Project |

I've been planning on watching this music video for some time, but I keep forgetting about it, until recently when it appeared in my YouTube Recommendations. Sunstroke Project were my favourite act in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, where they sang "Hey, Mamma!"; they came third overall, having appealed greatly to the public at home. Personally, I think they deserve international success, but I'm not that surprised that this song didn't do well when it was dropped since it has a summery feel to it even though it was released at the end of last year. I'm hoping that 2018 brings new Sunstroke Project music that we all will fall in love with. Watch Sunstroke Project host a carnival in a street as a group of children discover what's going on through a gap in a wooden door, fighting over who gets to watch in this bright and colourful music video for "Sun Gets Down".

Sunstroke Project are a three-piece group consisting of Sergei Yalovitsky, Anton Ragoza, and Sergey Stepanov. They've represented Moldova at Eurovision, twice; the first time was in 2010 alongside Olia Tira with the song "Run Away" where they came 22nd in the Grand Final with 27 points. They attempted to return by competing in following national selection shows. Finally, they won, in 2017, with the song "Hey, Mamma!", which was well received by the public at home. They came third in the Grand Final with 374 points. This is the song that followed that Eurovision hit. I am hopeful that they continue to release music and we all hope a brand new album is on the horizon.

Directed by Slava Sirbu, this music video relates to the song with its summery vibe and engaging narrative. The video opens up with a bunch of children interacting with one another. This then pans out to the carnival festival that is going on. The street completely reminds me of Antonia's "Jameia", for some reason, I guess all street sets all look the same.

The one child finds out about the carnival by looking through a hole in a wooden door or gate or fence - I'm not sure what to call that. He quickly rides his bicycle to his friends and tells him about what he's just seen, and they all rush over to watch. Then, one of the children is pulled through the door to enjoy the festivities. The ending, sees someone beckon the other children to join.

As for the performance piece, Sunstroke Project are full of style, class, and fashion. They exude their magical energy and really light up the carnival with their moves and their music. They stand out amongst the festivities while others take centre stage such as the day of the dead woman and the dancers.

Overall, this music video is stunning in concept. It really relates to the jovial sun vibe that is being leached out of the track. The addicting storyline keeps the audience entertained throughout, although I'm quite confused as to why the children run away when the door opens and a hand beckons them in. Otherwise, this music video certainly excites me for future Sunstroke Project songs.
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